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Balkan Transit - Denmark · Bulgarian Folk Music

Get ready to be transported to the heart of Bulgaria with this collection of traditional folk music, expertly performed by Balkan Transit. - Denmark. This CD features the incredible talent of a group that was formed in 1988 in Aarhus and has since captivated audiences with their authentic renditions of Bulgarian songs and dances. With a deep appreciation for the culture and tradition of Bulgarian folk music, Balkan Transit brings a unique and dynamic energy to their performances. They especially appreciate their collaboration with Yanka Rupkina, Manol Mihailov and the kaval player Stoyan Velichkov. This program is a result of their cooperation. As part of Gega New's initiative to promote and share Bulgarian folk music globally, this release is a important for fans of the genre. Join the many friends of Bulgarian folk music worldwide and immerse yourself in the rich melodies and rhythms of this incredible musical tradition.

Balkan Transit - Denmark · Bulgarian Folk Music


Featuring Yanka Rupkina:

[1] Vida e rano ranila 3’50’’

[2] Bulko Erinko 4’15’’

[3] Muri Maro, jaltan Maro 3’07’’

Balkan Transit:

[4] Neranza and Trakiiska ruchenitsa 4’45’’

[5] Petruno, pile shareno 3’20’’

[6] Didinata 3’54’’

Featuring Manol Mihailov:

[7] Shterku Radu 3’40’’

[8] Udolo ide pashata 4’31’

[9] Gledajte, ochi 4’30’’

[10] Dona na porti stoeshe 3’04’’

Balkan Transit:

[11] Tumnina 4’11’’

[12] Rado, Rajne le 2’41’’

[13] Novozagorska ruchenitsa and Stella Nova 5’31’’

Featuring Yanka Rupkina:

[14] Bjal vjatar 4’27’’

[15] Svurnah stado 5’33’’

[16] Peperuda 4’38’’

DDD 66’07’’

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