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Bulgaria · Petar Ralchev, Accordion

Introducing the Bulgaria · Petar Ralchev, Accordion - a true masterpiece brought to you by Petar Ralchev, a remarkable virtuoso in the realms of both folk and classical music. This masterpiece brings together the rich and vibrant sounds of Bulgarian music, captivating audiences with its powerful and emotive melodies. Petar Ralchev's exceptional skill and artistry shine through in every note. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Bulgaria · Petar Ralchev, Accordion, a one-of-a-kind musical experience that will leave you feeling deeply moved and profoundly enriched.

Bulgaria · Petar Ralchev, Accordion


[1] Greetings for Mitko - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'51''

[2] From Somewhere in Thrace - Music by Petar Ralchev 7'02''

[3] Joke in 7/8 - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'44''

[4] Memory from Times of Yore - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'10''

[5] St. Lazarus' Day Dance - Music by Petar Ralchev 6'55''

[6] As if in a Joke - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'28''

[7] Valse de musette - Music by Andre Astier and E. Basile 3'38''

[8] Romanian Lautari - Music by Ionica Minune 3'48''

[9] To the North of Bulgaria - Music by Vasile Pendelesku 2'47''

[10] Like our Colleagues from Serbia - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'56''

[11] Serbian Kolo - Music by Perica 1'43''

[12] From our Region - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'50''

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