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Step into the world of Bulgarian folk music with our incredible performance of Bulgarian Folk Songs & Dances. This program is the first of a series of releases by Gega New, dedicated to showcasing the immense talent of Bulgaria's most renowned folk musicians. While the releases may not be in chronological order, they all aim to highlight the influential artists and composers who have shaped the genre over the years. The vibrant and energetic performance will transport you to the heart of Bulgaria, where the rich traditions and melodies of folk music come to life. Experience the soul-stirring melodies, intricate rhythms, and vibrant dances that have been passed down through generations. The talented musicians featured in this album are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the unique musical heritage of Bulgaria.


Bulgarian Folk Songs & Dances

  • [1] Krivo sadovsko horo 2'40''

    [2] Patrikovo horo 2'35''

    [3] Daichovo horo 3'15''

    [4] Strandja tunes 4'17''

    [5] Bourgasko horo 3'00''

    [6] Shto ne ma ozhenish, mamo 4'29''

    [7] Izbegliisko horo 3'07''

    [8] Slow melody and Strandjanska rachenitsa 3'14''

    [9] Rupchensko horo 3'20''

    [10] Oi, Petre, Petre 2'55''

    [11] Mirchovo horo 3'02''

    [12] Pazardjishka rachenitsa 3'20''

    [13] Zhenish ma, mamo, godish ma 3'04''

    [14] Izvorsko horo 3'15''

    [15] Zagorska rachenitsa 2'56''

    [16] Hodil sam, mamo, gledal sam 2'16''

    [17] Zlatevsko horo 3'30''

    [18] Starozagorska rachenitsa 2'33''

    [19] Volovarsko horo 2'32''

    Total: 59'20''

  • Petko Radev, clarinet
    Petko Dachev, accordion

    Yordan Yotov (accordion), Ognyan Vassilev-Jimmy (tupan), Nedyalka Keranova (vocal), Ivan Hadjiiski (trumpet),Gruicho Doichev (vocal), Vulcho Ivanov(vocal), Ivan Mihov (violin), Velichka Stambolova (vocal) 

    Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, Orchestra

    Conducted by: Petko Radev, Anastas Naumov, Kosta Kolev

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