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To recreate the rich and diverse sounds of Celtic music, our bassoon, accordion, piano trio: Catherine Marchese, Sarah Stevens-Estabrook, and Emile Naoumoff, corporates traditional Celtic Influences into our catalogue. With the bassoon providing a deep, resonant foundation, the accordion adding a lilt and rhythm, and the piano offering a melodic and harmonic backdrop, the trio captures the essence of Celtic music in a unique and captivating way. The performances showcase the beauty and complexity of Celtic musical traditions, offering a truly immersive and authentic experience for audiences.

With our Celtic Influences, we aim to transport our listeners to a place of history, tradition, and myth, evoking the spirit of the ancient Celts through our music.

Celtic Influences

  • Irish (Popular)
    [1] Sweet Lucy 4'09''
    [2] I Leave you Now 2'45''
    [3] Whispers in the Glen 1'17''
    English (William Byrd; 1543-1623) 
    [4] The Woods so Wild 3'11''
    [5] Lavolta: Lady Morley 1'02''
    [6] The Irish March 1'20''
    [7] The Bagpipe and the Drone 1'00''
    [8] The Flute and the Drum 2'07''
    Galician (Popular)
    [9] The Stars (Las Estrellas) 2'37''
    [10] Serenade (Serenata) 1'33''
    [11] Streams and Sounds (Bagoas e Sonos) 2'56''
    [12] Farewell My Little One (Adios meu Menino) 1'48''
    [13] Ave Maria 2'48''
    Bulgarian (Popular)
    [14] Lullaby ("Polegnala e Todora")1'33''
    [15] Quick Dance ("Rutchenitza") 1'02''
    [16] Nocturne ("Quiet Street in Triavna)2'01''
    [17] Slower Dance ("Bavna Rutchenitza") 0'48''
    [18] Pastorale 2'43''
    [19] Round Dance in Canon ("Horo") 0'46''
    Breton (Popular)
    [20] Paradise (Ar Baradoz) 3'31''
    [21] The Swan (An Alac'h) 1'02''
    [22] Near the Woods (Kost ar C'hoat) 4'33''
    [23] The Teacher (An Skoliater) 2'50''
    [24] The Shoemakers (Kereon) 2'17''
    [25] Proclamation (Bannec) 1'40''
    [26] At the Age of Eighteen (An Aed a Driverc'h Vle) 2'39''
    DDD 58'04''

  • Catherine Marchese, bassoon

    Sarah Stevens-Estabrook, bassoon and accordion

    Emile Naoumoff, piano

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