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The ancient Celts appeared in Europe eight to ten centuries before the birth of Christ. Travelling through the whole territory of Eurasia, they were exposed to the cultural influence of the local tribes which inhabited these lands. Thus, along with the Celtic core, their tradition is also influenced by elements of the native tribal groups. In order to show these influences, the three musicians make a music survey of the regions that have enriched the Celtic culture.
Emile Naoumoff was born in Sofia in 1962. At the age of eight he began taking piano lessons with Nadia Boulanger and became her student over the following ten years, until her death. In the course of his solo carrier he has worked closely with great conductors (Bernstein, Rostropovich, Casadesus, Lombard, etc.) and famous orchestras (the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio-France, the NHK Symphony, Tokyo, etc.). He has also taught at the Concervatory of Paris, the University of California, Berkley, and at Stanford University. Currently, he is Associate Professor of Piano at the School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington. He also directs his own Summer Music Academy near Paris.
Catherine Marchese was born in 1961 in New York. She studied bassoon with William Pollisi and, later, with Loren Glickman while she attended the Juilliard School. In 1986 she was awarded the Diplome Superieur d'Execution at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. She has performed as soloist with different ensembles (Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, the Prague Symphony, the Polish and Norwegian Chamber Orchestras, etc.). Her repertoire includes all famous works for bassoon. She has made recordings for Sony Classical, Sude Productions, Gega New, and Saphir Productions.
Sarah Stevens-Estabrook was born in Indianapolis. She studied bassoon with Leonard Sharrow and received her Bachelor of Music Education degree at the Indiana University School of Music in 1976. In addition, she studied accordion with Ken Ksobiech, teacher at the Milwaukee Accordion Conservatory, and jazz piano at Indiana University with David Baker and Luke Gillespie. She received her Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University in 1986. Since 1976 she has taught music in the public schools of Bloomington, Indiana. During that time she has written several musicals which have been published by Dramatic Publishing. Most recently Ms. Stevens-Estabrook taught and performed at the Nadia Boulanger Academie in Gargenville, France.


Recorded live at the Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel in Lake Forest, Illinois, November 18, 2000


  • Track Listing

    Irish (Popular)
    [1] Sweet Lucy 4'09''
    [2] I Leave you Now 2'45''
    [3] Whispers in the Glen 1'17''
    English (William Byrd; 1543-1623) 
    [4] The Woods so Wild 3'11''
    [5] Lavolta: Lady Morley 1'02''
    [6] The Irish March 1'20''
    [7] The Bagpipe and the Drone 1'00''
    [8] The Flute and the Drum 2'07''
    Galician (Popular)
    [9] The Stars (Las Estrellas) 2'37''
    [10] Serenade (Serenata) 1'33''
    [11] Streams and Sounds (Bagoas e Sonos) 2'56''
    [12] Farewell My Little One (Adios meu Menino) 1'48''
    [13] Ave Maria 2'48''
    Bulgarian (Popular)
    [14] Lullaby ("Polegnala e Todora")1'33''
    [15] Quick Dance ("Rutchenitza") 1'02''
    [16] Nocturne ("Quiet Street in Triavna)2'01''
    [17] Slower Dance ("Bavna Rutchenitza") 0'48''
    [18] Pastorale 2'43''
    [19] Round Dance in Canon ("Horo") 0'46''
    Breton (Popular)
    [20] Paradise (Ar Baradoz) 3'31''
    [21] The Swan (An Alac'h) 1'02''
    [22] Near the Woods (Kost ar C'hoat) 4'33''
    [23] The Teacher (An Skoliater) 2'50''
    [24] The Shoemakers (Kereon) 2'17''
    [25] Proclamation (Bannec) 1'40''
    [26] At the Age of Eighteen (An Aed a Driverc'h Vle) 2'39''
    DDD 58'04''

  • Participating

    Catherine Marchese, bassoon

    Sarah Stevens-Estabrook, bassoon and accordion

    Emile Naoumoff, piano

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