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Vesselin Stanev (b. 1964) is a pianist who attracts the attention of the audience with his exceptional dedication to music and variety of performance of each work. Unlike many other musicians, he is equally expert in playing pre-classical and romantic pieces. He always leaves a mark of his individuality when interpreting the different compositions he plays. Familiar piano pieces played by Vesselin Stanev have a totally different sounding and make an impression of something new. An example of this is his interpretation of Chopin's two ballads, the Scherzo, and Polonaise included in this release. The pianist's incredible technique is the key, which lets him into the sphere of great music. It is also a prerequisite for his complete freedom of expression and imagination. Having no technical problems with the instrument, he achieves a higher level of intellectual apprehension of the music material and this results in the creation of compositions, characterized by real co-authorship between composer and performer. Liszt's two rhapsodies, as well as Rachmaninov's Musical moments are magnificent examples of his interpreting talent. The whole recording presents Vesselin Stanev as a first-class pianist and interpreter, a musician predestined to convey the messages of the great geniuses through the centuries.

Recorded in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia


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