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Georgi Minchev (b. 1939) is among the most renowned Bulgarian composers. His teacher was Marin Goleminov and he majored under Rodion Schedrin, Aram Hachaturian and Olivier Messiaen. His works have won awards in Europe and the USA and have been performed in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cuba, Columbia, Australia, Greece, Belgium, Austria, San Marino, USA, Holland, Spain, Japan, Great Britain and Finland. A great part of his compositions have been released by leading recording companies. This release presents the composer and features his brilliants orchestral approach.

The music for orchestra in “Contrasts” was written upon invitation of Maestro Thomas Kalb for the Heidelberg Philharmonic Society. Its premiere was in 2002 in Heidelberg (Germany). The composer remarks about his work: “... I set myself the goal to create a piece which is masterly and bravura but at the same time emotional and poetic with different and permanently changing dynamics, tempo and character – aggressive in some places and calm in others, with powerful culminations followed by standstill noiselessness...”

“Monody and Concerto grosso” was also written by request of a famous musician - the violist Dimitar Penkov who has worked in Hannover for many years. The premiere was in Sofia in 2007.

“Concert Music for Orchestra” was composed long before the other two works. It was written in 1976 by order of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Czech Radio in Prague. Its world premiere was also in Prague, in the same year.

The three compositions have been performed many times in Europe and have always aroused the interest of the audience and the reviewers.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Contrasts – Music for orchestra 20'51’’

    [2] Monody and Concerto Grosso 28'23’’

    for viola, cembalo, percussions and strings

    [3] Concert Music for Orchestra 23'00’’

    DDD: 72’14’’

  • Participating

    Dimitar Penkov, viola

    Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

    Conductors: Vassil Stefanov, Plamen Djouroff, Rossen Milanov

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