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The Contemporary Bulgarian Composers, Vol. 1 serves as a testament to Ivan Spassov's profound impact on contemporary classical music and his enduring legacy in the world of Bulgarian composers. Spassov's ability to blend contemporary techniques with traditional Bulgarian folk music sets him apart as a unique and innovative composer. His work reflects an exploration of the human experience, delving into themes of spirituality, mortality, and the eternal struggle between life and death. The CD showcases Spassov's mastery in creating hauntingly beautiful music that pushes the boundaries of classical composition, making it a valuable addition to any contemporary classical music collection.

With this CD, listeners can explore the depth and complexity of Ivan Spassov's work, and gain a deeper appreciation for the influence of Bulgarian culture on the world of classical music.


Contemporary Bulgarian Composers, Vol. 1

  • [1] Easter Music for Christ's Sufferings, Death and Resurrection for soloists, women's choir and organ on Bulgarian and Latin canonical texts and St. Luke's Gospel 27'36"

    [2] The Sanctification of the Heavenly Space 10'48"

    [3] Miserere after a Latin cult text for soloists, women's choir and orchestra 19'12"

    DDD 57'43"

  • Soloists: Kalina Zhekova (soprano), Georgi Lazarov (bass-baritone),Stepan Byulbyulian (evangelist), Alexandrina Toromanova (organ), Tiha Genova (soprano), Donka Lozanova (soprano), Valeria Ilieva (mezzo-soprano)Female Chamber Choir with the Academy of Music and Dance Arts - Plovdiv,
    Chamber Orchestra with the Secondary School of Music - Plovdiv, Polyphonia Chamber a Cappella Choir, Orchestral Ensemble
    Conductors: Krikor Chetinian, Ivelin Dimitrov, Plamen Parvanov, Bedros Papazian

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