The third CD from the CONTEMPORARY BULGARIAN COMPOSERS series presents six creative artists from the middle generation, all of whom have entered their names in the Bulgarian culture through vivid artistic achievements. This is a selection of chamber-instrumental opuses of non-traditional sounding and original compositional invention. Velislav Zaimov, famous for his symphonic works, is featured with his magnificent Largo for 12 violoncellos inspired and dedicated to the work of Prof. Zdravko Yordanov, the great Bulgarian cellist. Julia Tsenova, whose name has been well-established in the country's musical life for two decades now and whose works are marked by interesting and unusual ideas, has chosen her "П = 3.14" on lyrics by actress Mara Chapanova, herself a champion of new Bulgarian and world music. The poet's symbols and metaphors, the specific imagery leading to antiquity and the female sensitivity of the verses have been masterfully rendered in the vocal and orchestral parts of the piece. Andrian Pervazov has written a large-scope cycle for three flutes and tape. Inspired by the Sumerian epoch, the work is entitled Ziggurat or Sumerian Temple Music from the Age before the Flood and interweaves sonorousness, primitivism, spoken speech and recitation, all of which create a unique sound atmosphere. Artin Poturlian and Bojidar Petkov are represented by their works for two pianos, Fantasia "Worlds" and Toccata, respectively, and Yassen Vodenitcharov, by his Two Bagatelles for piano, clarinet and percussion. The works in the CD are interpreted by prominent Bulgarian performers united by the common idea of establishing and promoting the contemporary Bulgarian music.


  • Track Listing

    Velislav Zaimov

    [1] Largo for 12 violoncellos 7'58"

    Yassen Vodenitcharov

    [2] Two Bagatelles for piano, clarinet and percussions 7'26"

    Andrian Pervazov

    [3] Fragments from "Ziggurat" 12'10"

    Artin Poturlian

    [4] Fantasia "Worlds" for two pianos 12'11"

    Bojidar Petkov

    [5] Toccata for two pianos 6'36"

    Julia Tsenova

    [6] ∏= 3.14 (lyrics by Mara Chapanova) 21'18"

    DDD 67'59''

  • Participating

    Students from Prof. Zdravko Yordanov's class, Lilyana Raikova (piano), Ilia Glavanov (clarinet), Tatyana Karparova (percussions), Kremena Acheva (flute),Yavor Zhelev (flute), Mila Pavlova (flute), Anahid Akopian and Artin Poturlian (piano duo), Julia Ganeva and Konstantin Ganev (piano duo), Tsvetana Hristoforou (mezzo-soprano), Musica Nova Chamber Ensemble

    Lubomir Denev, conductor