The CD brings together five Bulgarian composers who represent the generation of the 1980s and 90s of the 20th century. What unites them is their aesthetic taste, their attitude towards reality and their manner of composing, related to techniques and compositional thinking of the end of this century. All of them, with the exception of Georgi Arnaoudov, live and work abroad, but their varied interests always have a common crossing point called Bulgaria, where their works enjoy recognition and popular acclaim. Impressions from Spain, in Alexander Kandov's "Las mariposas nocturnas", from the Caucasus Mountains in Bojidar Spassov's "Wasserfalle", the search of new style in "Klavierstuk I" by Marin Goleminov (son of the great Bulgarian composer Marin Goleminov), "Incarnation dans la lumiere" by Georgi Arnaoudov, and "Preludium II" by Boyan Vodenicharov illustrate the authors as sensitive, original creative artists, looking for the connection between past and present and casting a glance towards the future. Mr. Vodenicharov's performance goes deep into the world of each of his colleagues and is marked by not only a virtuoso command of the instrument and its timbre but also by an ability to build the interpretation of the composition logically and coherently. A pianist of long concert career, he has also been Professor in piano at the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels since 1993.