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Diva Reka Group · Bulgarian Ethno Music

Diva Reka Group is a powerhouse of Bulgarian Ethno Music, founded by renowned musicians who have gained experience and popularity in various folk formations such as the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Music Orchestra, Trakia Ensemble, Pirin Ensemble, and Eva Quartet. Through their collaboration with guest performers, they unite their talents and skills to present a captivating and authentic music experience to their listeners. With their deep-rooted connection to Bulgarian culture and music, Diva Reka Group delivers a truly mesmerizing and soul-stirring musical performance that showcases the rich tradition and heritage of Bulgarian ethno music.
The whole programme is compiled to present a tour of the different ethnographic regions in Bulgaria and features an incredible variety of rhythms, melodies and meters, while the performers demonstrate an exceptional knowledge of the specific folklore regions.

Diva Reka Group · Bulgarian Ethno Music


[1] Vesela Devyatka – music Kostadin Genchev 3’18’’

[2] Lale – arrangement Kostadin Genchev 4’30’’

[3] Rumo le, Rumo – arrangement Kostadin Genchev 4’57’’

[4] Kadona – arrangement Kostadin Genchev 4’35’’

[5] Kutsoto Magare – music Kostadin Genchev and Dimitar Hristov 6’03’’

[6] Prochu se Nayden – arrangement Dimitar Hristov 4’04’’

[7] Merema – arrangement Dimitar Hristov 4’52’’

[8] Luda Rabota – music Kostadin Genchev 3’06’’

[9] Belila Ginka – arrangement Kostadin Genchev 4’29’’

[10] Moma Gyavolitsa – music Dimitar Hristov 3’55’’

[11] Burgo Rachenitsa – music Kostadin Genchev 7’09’’

DDD: 51’ 02’’

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