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Petar Ralchev is a a remarkable virtuoso not only in the sphere of folk music but also of classical music. While still a student, he was awarded the first prize at the Young Musicians Competition in Chirpan, Bulgaria, and later on received the special award at the International Competition in Klingental, Germany. Together with the violinist Georgi Yanev he founded the Orpheus Orchestra. He takes part in various orchestras and projects performing with almost all leading folk and jazz musicians (Ivo Papazov, Delcho Mitov, Stoyan Yankulov, among others). Audiences throughout Europe and North America have admired Mr. Ralchev's performing and he was included in the History of Accordion, published in France in 1991 by Francois Billard and Didier Roussin. So far Petar Ralchev has released 9 albums, both solo and in co-work with other prominent musicians. The new CD (his 10th in number) includes brilliant renditions of folk music from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and France.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Greetings for Mitko - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'51''

    [2] From Somewhere in Thrace - Music by Petar Ralchev 7'02''

    [3] Joke in 7/8 - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'44''

    [4] Memory from Times of Yore - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'10''

    [5] St. Lazarus' Day Dance - Music by Petar Ralchev 6'55''

    [6] As if in a Joke - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'28''

    [7] Valse de musette - Music by Andre Astier and E. Basile 3'38''

    [8] Romanian Lautari - Music by Ionica Minune 3'48''

    [9] To the North of Bulgaria - Music by Vasile Pendelesku 2'47''

    [10] Like our Colleagues from Serbia - Music by Petar Ralchev 4'56''

    [11] Serbian Kolo - Music by Perica 1'43''

    [12] From our Region - Music by Petar Ralchev 5'50''

    DDD 57'01

  • With the participation of

    Petar Ralchev, accordion

    Stoyan Yankulov, percussion
    Nikolai Georgiev - guitar, tambura
    Dimitar Digboyushki, keyboards

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