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Gypsy Music · Angelo Malikov

Gypsy Music · Angelo Malikov is a masterful collection of popular *folk songs and dances hand-selected and recorded by the talented composer, Angelo Malikov. This captivating musical style has its origins in the ancient traditions of the gypsies, who migrated from India to Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries. Angelo Malikov expertly captures the soulful essence of Gypsy music, blending traditional melodies with his own unique, modern twist. Immerse yourself in the rich history and passionate rhythms of the gypsies with this exceptional performance by Angelo Malikov.  Combining traditional instruments with soulful vocals, Malikov's music reflects the rich cultural heritage of the gypsies and their influence on European music. With his skillful compositions and passionate performances, Malikov brings the spirit and energy of Gypsy music to life, transporting audiences to a world of tradition, celebration, and emotion.


* The album incudes lyrics to the songs in Bulgarian, English and Gypsy languages, thus enabling the listeners to feel the poetic content of the songs.

Gypsy Music · Angelo Malikov


[1] My Heart Is Crying 5'14"

[2] Song about the Flower Girl 3'46"

[3] They Are Coming from down the Road 4'49"

[4] Wedding Dance 2'44"

[5] The Eyes Are Speaking 4'31"

[6] I Had a Dream 5'29"

[7] Sofia Dance 2'55"

[8] I Don't Know, Lord, I Don't Know 5'49"

[9] Don't Be Cross with Me, Girl 4'38"

[10] A Dream 5'48"

[11] An Old Gypsy Woman Told Me 4'54"

[12] Unrequited Love 2'39"

[13] Wallachian Dance 2'18"

DDD 55'34''

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