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 Horo for Wind Orchestra · Andrei Vrachanski

Wind orchestra music in Bulgaria has an interesting history. First came  mainly performed military marches and other traditional military music, but over time they have evolved to incorporate a wide range of musical styles, including folk music. The Horo for Wind Orchestra by Andrei Vrachanski is a beautiful representation of this evolution, as it combines traditional folk melodies with the powerful sound of a wind orchestra.  This composition captures the spirit and energy of Bulgarian folk music, making it a perfect addition to any wind orchestra's repertoire. Vrachanski's works is a celebration of the enduring legacy of wind orchestra music in Bulgaria and a testament to the continued creativity and innovation in the genre.
Embrace the rich musical heritage of Bulgaria and bring the sounds of traditional Bulgarian folk music to life with  our Horo for Wind Orchestra!

Horo for Wind Orchestra · Andrei Vrachanski


[1] Moyata godenitsa (My fiancée) 4:30

[2] V detskata gradina (In the kindergarten) 3:28

[3] Shegoviti startsi (Joking old men) 2:00

[4] Veselata trakiyka (The merry Thracian woman) 3:26

[5] Iz Dunavskata ravnina (Across the Danube plain) 4:54

[6] Na selskia bunar (By the village well) 3:40

[7] Selanovsko horo 4:11

[8] Na zelenata polyana (On the green meadow) 4:25

[9] Severnyashki momi (Severnyashki girls) 2:53

[10] Veselo sartse (Cheerful heart) 2:59

[11] Pelevunski momi (Pelevunian girls) 4:35

[12] Zashto me zabravi (Why did you forget me) 2:27

[13] Palavite vnuchki (The naughty granddaughters) 3:23

[14] Borovanka 3:09

[15] Dunavski biser (Danube pearl) 3:26

[16] Veselite devoiki (The merry young ladies) 2:22

[17] Kokoneshte vlashko kasapsko 2:37

Total: 58:34

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