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Fifty years ago, in 1962, the lovers of Bulgarian folk music first heard of HORO Orchestra of the town of Ruse. This is the year when the orchestra was founded by Vassil Purvanov, who still promotes the beauty of North-Bulgarian music. Although he has graduated in classical music at the Academy of Music in Sofia majoring in clarinet, the musician devotes his entire creative life to folk music. He first introduced into the orchestra of classical instruments (accordion, guitar, clarinet, etc.) the traditional instruments like pipe, ocarina and tupan, and later – the tambourine. It is this combination of instruments which gives Horo Orchestra its unique sound.
During different periods of its existence, a total of over 40 musicians have participated in the orchestra, while its repertoire contains more than 500 horos, tunes and songs mainly from North Bulgaria. Many of them have been recorded and released on records and CDs, and all participations of Horo Orchestra at national or international competitions and festivals have invariably brought awards to the ensemble. Thus, over the past 50 years, the orchestra has become a real school of northern folk!


  • Track Listing

    [1] Megdansko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’20’’

    [2] Medley – music by Tsvetan Banev 6’25’’

    Old Grandfather / Milka moma / Kalina

    [3] Petrovsko Elenino Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’44’’

    [4] Siika Is Walking in the Yard (Siika po dvor hodi) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’01’’

    [5] Peichinovsko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’10’’

    [6] Beautiful Big Sister (Kaka ubavitsa) – music by Tsvetan Banev 3’35’’

    [7] Chervensko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’56’’

    [8] My Sweetheart (Libe le) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’00’’

    [9] Danubian Horo (Dunavsko horo) – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’32’’

    [10] Hey, Penka (Penke le) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’02’’

    [11] Dunavsko Elenino Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’28’’

    [12] Luda Kopanitsa – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’29’’

    DDD 43’50’’

  • Participating

    Horo Orchestra аnd Tsvetan Banev

    Vassil Purvanov, conductor

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