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The Horo Orchestra - Rousse is a true representation of the rich folk music tradition of North Bulgaria. This region is known for its fascinating folklore, which is a result of the interaction of various cultural groups, including the local population, Balkan people, and immigrants from Eastern Thrace. The orchestra has mastered the traditional music of the region, capturing the essence of its history and heritage. Even during the Turkish domination in Bulgaria, the Danube river served as a natural link with Central and Eastern Europe, allowing for a unique blend of musical influences. The Horo Orchestra - Rousse brings this unique blend to life, showcasing the beauty and diversity of North Bulgarian folk music.

Horo Orchestra - Rousse

  • [1] Danubian Daichovo Horo 3'29''

    [2] Loveshko Horo 3'02''

    [3] Traikovska Ruchenitsa 3'16''

    [4] Tinka Has Entered the Garden (Vlyazla e Tinka v gradinka) 2'10''

    [5] Kolyo Has Fallen in Love (Zalyubil Kolyo) 2'18''

    [6] Koichovata 3'06''

    [7] The Long One (Dulgata) 4'28''

    [8] Pravo Severnyashko Horo 2'54''

    [9] Todor Has Fallen in Love (Zalyubil Todor) 2'29''

    [10] Hey, Elena Maiden (Mome, Eleno, Eleno) 2'52''

    [11] Velikovo Horo 2'57''

    [12] Petrovsko Elenino 3'52''

    [13] Radka Was Bleaching a Cloth (Radka si platno beleshe) 2'19''

    [14] I've Fallen in Love with Two Maidens (Zalyubih si dve momi) 3'09''

    [15] Lyubomirovo Horo 2'54''

    [16] A Kaval Is Playing (Kaval sviri) 2'32''

    [17] Two Young Ones Have Fallen in Love (Zalyubili se dvama mladi) 2'04''

    [18] Maidens' Ruchenitsa (Mominska ruchenitsa) 2'20''

    [19] Katselovska Ruchenitsa 4'10''

    [20] A Slow Idyl (Bavna idiliya), Berkovsko Horo 3'53''

    Total: 60'14''

  • The  HORO  Orchestra includes:
    Vassil Purvanov (clarinet, saxophone, wooden pipe, occarina), Ivailo Petrov (accordion), Nikolai Deskov (accordion), Lyubomir Hristov (accordion), Dimiter Hodjev (guitar), Yavor Minchev (guitar, tambura), Dimiter Petrov (double-bass), Dimiter Tsaparkov (keyboards), Peter Avramov (big drum)
    Soloists: Elka Boneva, Nedelcho Vulev, Georgi Androv, Mariana Androva
    Arrangement: Vassil Purvanov, Dimiter Tsaparkov

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