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In her collection of arias from operas, Ina Kancheva showcases her powerful and emotive soprano voice, effortlessly moving between a range of styles and emotions. From the dramatic intensity of Verdi to the delicate beauty of Puccini, Kancheva's unparalleled vocal control and captivating stage presence make her a standout in the world of opera. Her vocal range and emotional depth bring new life to classic pieces, making her a top choice for opera enthusiasts. Whether performing on stage or in concert, Ina Kancheva's talent and passion shine through in every note, establishing her as one of the best opera voices of her generation.

Experience the unforgettable artistry of Ina Kancheva as she delivers breathtaking renditions of beloved arias from the world of opera.​​​​​​​

Arias from Operas · Ina Kancheva, Soprano

    La Traviata
    [1] Aria of Violetta, Act 1 - "E strano , e strano" 7'01''
    Romeo et Juliette
    [2] Aria of Juliette, Act 1 - "Je veux vivre dans le reve" 3'45''
    [3] Scene and Aria of Margarethe, Act 3 - "Je voudrais bien savoir"
    "Il etait un roi de Thule" - "Un bouquet! O Dieu!" 9'08''
    Anna Bolena
    [4] Final scene and Aria of Anna, Act 3 - "Piangete voi?" -
    "Al dolce guidami castel natio" 8'32''
    I Vespri Siciliani
    [5] Aria of Elena, Act 5 - "Merce dilette amiche" 3'38''
    La Rondine
    [6] Aria of Magda, Act 1 - "Chi il bel sogno" 3'12''
    I Capuleti e i Montecchi
    [7] Aria of Juliette, Act 1 - "Ecco mi in lieta vesta." -
    "Oh quante volte." 7'58''
    I Puritani
    [8] Aria of Elvira, Act 2 - "Qui la voce sua soave" 5'36''
    DDD 48'46''
  • Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

    Milen Nachev, conductor

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