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Ivan Donchev, a highly accomplished classical pianist, presents a mesmerizing live performance in Montpellier, showcasing his exceptional talent and skill. The audience will be treated to a captivating repertoire featuring the works of renowned composers such as Haydn, Chopin, Palumbo, Scriabin, and Ravel, all expertly interpreted by Donchev on the piano. This is a rare opportunity to witness the artistry of a truly remarkable performer, so be sure not to miss this unforgettable musical experience. In a touching tribute to his teacher, Aldo Ciccolini, the pianist dedicates the current program to the influential figure who played a significant role in shaping his musical career. Donchev's live performance in Montpellier promises to be a truly unforgettable event for classical music enthusiasts.

Ivan Donchev, Piano · Live in Montpellier

  • Joseph Haydn  
    Sonata No. 47 in B minor, Hob XVI:32
    [1] Allegro moderato 4:43
    [2] Menuet 3:47
    [3] Presto 3:09
    Frédéric Chopin 
    [4] Mazurka No. 7, Op. 7, No. 3 in F minor 2:27
    [5] Mazurka No. 13, Op. 17, No. 4 in A minor 4:00
    [6] Mazurka No. 20, Op. 30, No. 3 in D flat Major 2:31
    [7] Mazurka No. 32, Op. 50, No. 3 in C sharp minor 4:41
    [8] Scherzo No. 3, Op. 39 7:55
    Vito Palumbo 
    [9] Sonatina 12:09
    Alexander Scriabin  
    [10] Fantasy for piano in B minor, Op. 28 9:16
    Maurice Ravel 
    [11] Oiseaux tristes from Miroirs (an encore) 3:42
    DDD 58:27

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