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Embark on a musical journey through the rich cultural heritage of the Bulgarian Jews with our first-ever CD, "Jewish Songs from Bulgaria." Featuring traditional songs in Yiddish, Ladino, and Hebrew, this collection offers a rare glimpse into the unique blend of influences that have shaped Jewish music in Bulgaria.Prof. Nikolai Kaufmann, a renowned composer and scholar, has painstakingly traced, transcribed, and arranged these lyrical treasures, showcasing the unique blend of influences that have shaped Jewish music in Bulgaria. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics that have been passed down through generations, capturing the essence of Jewish life in Bulgaria.

Jewish Songs from Bulgaria

  • [1] Mazal tov (Yiddish) 1'54''

    [2] Two Old Love Songs (Sephardic) 8'36''

    [3] Song without Words (Yiddish) 2'47''

    [4] Oye joya (Sephardic) 3'02''

    [5] Noches, noches (Sephardic) 6'22''

    [6] Ia keria (Sephardic) 3'43''

    [7] Adio, querido (Sephardic) 3'40''

    [8] Esterina Sarfati (Sephardic) 2'26''

    [9] Durme, durme (Sephardic) 3'09''

    [10] In ades (Sepharadic) 3'55''

    [11] Es brennt (Yiddish) 3'46''

    [12] Galana (Sepharadic) 2'50''

    [13] Esta montaña (Sephardic) 4'56''

    [14] Unser nigendul (Yiddish) 2'44''

    [15] Leha dodi (Hebrew) 2'48''

    [16] Hggadah - Pesah song (Sephardic) 3'09''

    [17] Hava na gila (Hebrew) 2'36''

    DDD 62'23''

  • Soloists: Evgeni Gospodinov, Sunai Mouratov, Siika Zdravkova, Ginka Georgieva, Kalin Marinov, Lyubomir Dyakovski,The Voicez of VITIZ Choir, Male Choir, Alteration Mixed Choir,Vassil Arnaudov Female Choir, Hristina Morfova Female Choir, Folk Choir with the Ensemble for Thracian Folk Songs and Dances Yambol
    Conductors: Roumen Tsonev, Irina Shtiglich, Lilia Gyuleva, Kiril Todorov, Iliana Ilieva, Maria Markousheva

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