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«The Piano Duo Shtereva & Simeonova is unique in Bulgarian musical life. Precision, culture, temperament, beauty of tone, original interpretation, a specific musical style...» – the appraisal of the great Bulgarian musicologist Academician Nikolai Kaufmann accurately illustrates the qualities of both performers, Desislava Shtereva and Evgenia Simeonova. They founded the duo in 1997 and continuously expand and enrich its repertoire. At their concerts they perform both popular works for such ensembles, as well as new works, some of them composed expressly for them. They have received numerous awards from prestigious festivals and competitions and have performed under the baton of distinguished conductors. They teach at the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, they organize master classes, make recordings, study the works of composers who have created works for piano duo – this is a truly impressive career! It is therefore no surprise that they should undertake to present the whole integral of Brahm’s Hungarian Dances. This is not an accidental idea of theirs, but a part of a large-scale and ambitious project – to organize two concerts dedicated to Hungarian Dances by Brahms and Slavonic Dances by Dvořák. Such a challenge is a rare event not only in Bulgaria but also on the world stage.


  • Track Listing

    [1] No. 1 in G Minor: Allegro molto 2:57
    [2] No. 2 in D Minor: Allegro non assai – Vivo 3:03
    [3] No. 3 in F Major: Allegretto – Vivace 2:21
    [4] No. 4 in F Minor: Poco sostenuto – Vivace – Molto Allegro 3:54
    [5] No. 5 in F sharp Minor: Allegro – Vivace 2:03
    [6] No. 6 in D flat Major: Vivace – Molto sostenuto 2:44
    [7] No. 7 in A Major: Allegretto – Vivo 1:48
    [8] No. 8 in A Minor: Presto 2:43
    [9] No. 9 in E Minor: Allegro ma non troppo – Poco sostenuto 2:22
    [10] No. 10 in E Major: Presto 1:49
    [11] No. 11 in D Minor: Poco andante 3:04
    [12] No. 12 in D Minor: Presto – Poco meno presto 2:25
    [13] No. 13 in D Major: Andantino grazioso – Vivace 1:27
    [14] No. 14 in D Minor: Un poco andante 1:45
    [15] No. 15 in B flat Major: Allegretto grazioso 2:13
    [16] No. 16 in F Minor: Con moto – F Major: Presto 2:22
    [17] No. 17 in F sharp Minor: Andantino – Vivace 3:05
    [18] No. 18 in D Major: Molto vivace 1:37
    [19] No. 19 in B Minor: Allegretto – Più presto 1:55
    [20] No. 20 in E Minor: Poco allegretto – Vivace 2:31
    [21] No. 21 in E Minor: Vivace – E Major: Più presto 1:44

    DDD 50:06

  • Participating

    Piano Duo Desislava Shtereva & Evgenia Simeonova

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