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Johannes Brahms · Ivo Varbanov, Piano

Pianist Ivo Varbanov brings his exceptional talent to the forefront once again with his latest recording for Gega New featuring the timeless compositions of Johannes Brahms. Varbanov, known for his artistry and technical prowess, previously wowed listeners with his interpretations of works by Mussorgsky and Ildebrando Pizzetti, as well as 20th century music with the Voland Quartet. Now, he showcases his mastery of Brahms with his soulful and captivating performances on the piano. This release is a must-have for any music lover who appreciates the genius of Brahms and the artistry of a great performer. Whether you're a long-time fan of Varbanov's work or new to his performances, this recording is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Johannes Brahms · Ivo Varbanov, Piano


Four Pieces for piano, op. 119

[1] Intermezzo. Adagio 3’18’’

[2] Intermezzo. Andantino un poco agitato 4’31’’

[3] Intermezzo. Grazioso e giocoso 1’34’’

[4] Rhapsody. Allegro risoluto 4’50’’

Two Rhapsodies for piano, op. 79

[5] Rhapsody. Agitato 7’49’’

[6] Rhapsody. Molto passionato, ma non troppo. Allegro 6’10’’

[7] Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Händel for piano, op. 24 29’27’’

DDD 57’43’’

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