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Get ready to be amazed by the unmatched talent and creativity of Lyubomir Denev with his Piano Madness album. As a great jazz performer, he is known for his ability to excel in various music genres, from pop to jazz, and from vocal and instrumental chamber pieces to large symphonic and vocal-instrumental works. With his diverse musical background, Denev has composed the first Bulgarian rock musical, Tomorrow at Ten, showcasing his versatility as a composer and performer. In Piano Madness, his virtuosity and passion for music shine through in every note, delivering an unforgettable listening experience for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Lyubomir Denev brings a unique and captivating sound to the world of jazz piano.

Piano Madness · Lyubomir Denev, Piano



    [1] I’m As White As Snow, Lad (Bela sam, bela, yunache) (folk song) 3’08’’

    [2] Pastoral and Three Times Round (L. Denev) 5’44’’

    [3] Labours Lost (L. Denev) 5’20’’

    [4] Rainy Day in San Francisco (L. Denev) 5’20’’

    [5] Remembrance of Feelings Past (L. Denev) 4’50’’

    [6] Grozdanka (Folk Song) 5’36’’

    [7] Romantic Sonnet (L. Denev) 4’30’’

    [8] Reverie (R. Schumann) 4’00’’

    [9] Prelude 1 in C Major (F. Chopin) 2’45’’

    [10] Prelude for the Left Hand (A. Scriabin) 4’36’’

    [11] Biography of a Flower (L. Denev) 3’50’’

    DDD 49’39’’

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