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“… I can say that my curiosity concerning everything that is new and my interest in what others do never decreases; I always learn and develop. I believe that an artist who respects himself should always go forward …” – these words of Lyubomir Denev explain his diverse interests and activities. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Sofia in composition and orchestral conducting. He employs his talent and creativity in almost all music genres. His work is very diverse – from pop music to jazz, from vocal and instrumental chamber pieces to large symphonic and vocal-instrumental works. He has composed the first Bulgarian rock musical Tomorrow at Ten (1983).
Lyubomir Denev weaves into his works in a very subtle and unobtrusive way some elements of Bulgarian folklore. His attitude towards folk art can be also felt in some of the pieces in the programme Piano Madness, where he uses either quotes from famous folk songs or characteristic modes, rhythms and meters. In the release he also makes an elegant reference to classical music with his interpretation of works by Schumann, Chopin and Scriabin. The album contains live concert recordings.


  • Track Listing



    [1] I’m As White As Snow, Lad (Bela sam, bela, yunache) (folk song) 3’08’’

    [2] Pastoral and Three Times Round (L. Denev) 5’44’’

    [3] Labours Lost (L. Denev) 5’20’’

    [4] Rainy Day in San Francisco (L. Denev) 5’20’’

    [5] Remembrance of Feelings Past (L. Denev) 4’50’’

    [6] Grozdanka (Folk Song) 5’36’’

    [7] Romantic Sonnet (L. Denev) 4’30’’

    [8] Reverie (R. Schumann) 4’00’’

    [9] Prelude 1 in C Major (F. Chopin) 2’45’’

    [10] Prelude for the Left Hand (A. Scriabin) 4’36’’

    [11] Biography of a Flower (L. Denev) 3’50’’

    DDD 49’39’’

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