The fifth disc of the series continues that trend of presenting world-famous classical works, loved by many generations of classical music admirers. The four programs released up to now (vol. 1 – GD 245, vol. 2 – GD 246, vol. 3 – GD 247, vol. 4 – GD 256) feature great works of the 18th, 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. This release also includes a long period in time, which is another proof that the different aesthetic visions of the composers and their various stylistic means of expression do not oppose them to each other, but rather unite them by the eternal value of their work.
The “Masters of Classical Music” series has had great success with the listeners and this is due especially to the Bulgarian conductor Vassil Kazandjiev. He offers a precise interpretation of the works, and an exceptional knowledge of the epoch and style of the composers. The viola player Dimitar Penkov also participates in the program. He is a world-renowned artist, lives in Germany and concertizes in many countries throughout the world.