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Max Reger · Piano Compositions brings to light the work of a highly acclaimed yet underappreciated composer, beautifully performed by pianist Dimitar Tsanev. This album introduces the Bulgarian audience to Reger's genius, as recognized by composer Arnold Schoenberg over 70 years ago. Reger's piano compositions are a blend of romanticism and modernism, showcasing his unique musical voice. The album offers a rare opportunity for classical music enthusiasts to explore the piano works of a composer who remains largely unknown to the public.  Tsanev's interpretation effortlessly brings out the Baroque polyphonic elements in some pieces, while capturing the romantic and passionate essence in others. With this collection, listeners can immerse themselves in the captivating and emotive compositions of Max Reger.

Max Reger · Piano Compositions

  • [1] Prelude and Fugue (Präludium und Fuge), Op. 99, e moll 8'39''

    Andante. Quasi adagio

    [2] Sonatine,Op. 89, No. 4, a moll 16'02''

    Allegro. Andante. Allegretto con moto

    [3] Five Humoresques (Fünf Humoresken),Op. 20 14'53''

    Allegretto grazioso. Andante (con grandezza).

    Andantino grazioso. Prestissimo assai. Vivace assai

    [4] Episodes (Episoden),Op. 115 25'45''

    Andante. Andante con moto. Allegretto. Andante sostenuto

    Larghetto. Vivace. Vivace quasi presto. Vivace

    DDD 65'36''


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