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Mintcho Mintchev is a virtuoso classical music performer with a prodigious talent for the violin. His musical journey began at an early age, starting violin lessons and giving his first solo concert at the tender age of nine. Mintchev's dedication and his passion for classical music are evident in his mesmerizing performances, making him a true virtuoso in the world of classical music. With a repertoire that spans various periods and styles, Mintchev has captivated audiences worldwide with his mesmerizing performances. 

This CD showcases Mintchev’s extraordinary talent, featuring a selection of timeless classical music pieces performed with his signature precision and emotion. His recordings reflect a deep understanding and appreciation for the rich tradition of classical music and showcase his technical prowess and emotional depth as a musician.
“It is not that difficult to play the violin. It is a simple thing, once you reach a certain stage.” – Mintcho Mintchev often repeats these words of Professor Yfrah Neaman and goes on: “The difficult part is to be able to decide what you want. If you know what you really want, then you will find the way to accomplish it.” It looks as if he had always known what he wanted, because when we listen to him we are amazed at the ease and simplicity of his manner of playing.

Experience the extraordinary artistry of Mintcho Mintchev as he takes you on an unforgettable musical journey with his stunning violin performances.

Mintcho Mintchev, Violin


    [1] Chacionne in G for Violin and Piano 12'35’’


    Sonata No 2 for Violin and Piano, op. 36

    [2] Langsam 7'57’’

    [3] Presto 2'42’’

    [4] Andante,piuttosto grave 5'57’’

    [5] Alia Marcia, vivace 1'50’’

    [6] Andante 9'46’’


    [7] Song 6'07’’

    [8] "Vardar" Bulgarian Rhapsody, op. 16 7'40’’

    DDD: 54’34’’

  • Marina Kapitanova, piano

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