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Musica Slavica · Neva Krysteva, Organ

Experience the majestic sounds of Slavic organ music with Musica Slavica, performed by the talented Neva Krysteva. This release includes a brief anthology of organ music by Slavic composers, offering a unique and rarely heard selection of pieces. Despite the East Orthodox tradition's rejection of instruments, this program presents the early epoch of organ music, showcasing the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Slavic region. Krysteva's masterful performance brings these beautiful compositions to life, making for a captivating and unforgettable listening experience.

Musica Slavica · Neva Krysteva, Organ


Mikolaj z Krakowa

[1] Alia poznanie 0'46''

[2] Hayducki 1'17''

[3] anonimus - Pràeambulum 0'41''

[4] anonimus - Przez Twe Swiete Zmartwychwstanie 1'03''

[5] anonimus - Cantio polonica 1'04''

Bohuslav Matej Cernohorsky

[6] Toccata C Dur 2'54''

[7] Fugue D Dur 1'53''

[8] Fugue a moll 2'13''

Jiri Ignac Linka

[9] Pràeambulum C Dur 2'07''

Jan Krtitel Kuchar

[10] Fantasy g moll 7'30''

Bedrich Smetana

Two Preludes from "6 Preludes"

[11] Pastorale 1'10''

[12] Passacaglia 1'30''

Antonin Dvorák

[13] Praeludium et Fughetta 3'41''

Leoš Janácek

[14] Postludium from "Glagolitic Mass" 2'43''

Dmitri Shostakovich

[15] Passacaglia - Interlude from "Katerina Ismailova", Op. 29 6'28''

Sofia Gubaidulina

[16] Light and Darkness 8'08''

Krassimir Kyurkchiisky

[17] Aria 6'36''

Ivan Spassov

[18] Creation, Death and Resignation 6'20''

Neva Krysteva

[19] Victimae paschali laudes 6'15''

DDD 64'19''

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