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Introducing the latest addition to our series Musical Instruments in Bulgaria - the Gadulka. This ancient instrument has been a key player in the development of Bulgarian folk music and has made a significant impact on musical traditions across Europe. 
The gadulka, with its unique shape and sound, brought a new dimension to Bulgarian folk music, making it an essential instrument in the traditional music of the country.  The intricate melodies and rich timbre of the gadulka have made it a staple in Bulgarian folk orchestras, and it continues to be a beloved symbol of the nation's musical heritage. Its unique sound and expressive capabilities make it an essential component in traditional Bulgarian music ensembles. With its deep historical roots and enduring popularity, the gadulka is a must-have for any fan of Bulgarian folk music. 
Dive into the world of Bulgarian folk music with this exquisite instrument and let its enchanting melodies captivate your soul.

Musical Instruments in Bulgaria · Gadulka

  • [1] Thracian Tunes – music Atanas Valchev 4:51

    [2] Shoppe mood– music Rossen Genkov, arr. Hristofor Radanov 2:43

    [3] Slow Song & Sborenka – arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev 4:14

    [4] My Grandfather’s Gadulka – music Angel Dobrev 4:46

    [5] Paidushko Horo – arr. Bojidar Petrov 3:07

    [6] Balkandjiiska Rachenitsa * * * 3:09

    [7] Dimiter is Loading a Small Boat & Ihtiman Horo * * * 5:49

    [8] Daichovo Horo – music Georgi Petrov and Hristofor Radanov 3:02

    [9] Pashovo Horo – music Peyo Peev 4:57

    [10] Kopanitsa * * * 3:27

    [11] Straight Horo from Cheshnigirovo * * * 2:36

    [12] Vretenarska Rachenitsa – music Dimitar Lavchev and Hristofor Radanov 2:59

    [13] Esekiiska pesen & Malkoturnovsko Horo – arr. Dimiter Trifonov 4:19

    [14] Don’t Say, Love, Good Night – arr. Atanas Valchev 3:22

    [15] Dobroudjanska Ruka * * * 3:13

    [16] Marko Forgot His Scarlet Horse * * * 2:42

    DDD: 59’23’’

  • Atanas Valchev, Rossen Genkov, Petko Zhelyazkov, Angel Dobrev, Mihail Marinov, Neno Ivanov, Mincho Nedyalkov, Georgi Petrov, Peyo Peev, Yanko Petrov, Dimitar Lavchev, Dobroudjanska Troika (Stefan Georgiev – accordion, Ivan Petrov – gadulka, Atanas Mitev – gaida), Hristo Zahariev
    Accompaniment: Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, Dobroudja Ensemble orchestra, instrumental group, Stoyan Yankulov – percussions,Angel Dimitrov – guitar
    Conductors: Atanas Valchev, Hristofor Radanov, Kostadin Bouradjiev, Dobrin Panayotov

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