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Experience the rich and vibrant sounds of traditional Bulgarian folk music with our Musical Instruments from Bulgaria · Gaida! These iconic instruments are integral to the Bulgarian folk music tradition and are widely spread throughout the country. The kaba gaida, with its deep and resonant tones, is characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains region, while the djura gaida, with its high-pitched sounds, is used in the rest of the country. Handcrafted with precision and care, our Gaida instruments are perfect for adding an authentic touch to any Bulgarian folk music performance. Whether you're a musician looking to expand your repertoire or a music enthusiast eager to explore the sounds of Bulgaria, our Gaida instruments are the perfect choice for capturing the essence of Bulgarian folk music. Bring the magic of Bulgarian folk music to life with our exquisite album Musical Instruments from Bulgaria · Gaida.

Musical Instruments from Bulgaria · Gaida

  • [1] A Medley of Rhodope Songs 5'00"

    [2] Duma sa duma ot stari lyude 3'26"

    [3] Shepherd's Song, Svornato and Pravo Horo 4'36"

    [4] Bouenek 3'16"

    [5] In the Village Square 5'34"

    [6] Spring Horo - Filetsi 1'47"

    [7] Na borba - a melody from Karnobat region 3'06"

    [8] Gergeliiskata 2'02"

    [9] Macedonian Rhythms 3'34"

    [10] Pravo Shopsko Horo 2'38"

    [11] Shoppe Rachenitsa 3'05"

    [12] Melodies from Koula 4'54"

    [13] Izruchanka and Potter's Horo 2'10"

    [14] Light Wedding Horo and Horo Bibichi 3'03"

    [15] Slow Melody and Rachenitsa 1'44"

    [16] Leading out the Bride and Trite Pati 3'40"

    [17] Danets 2'43"

    Total: 56'18"

  • Rhodope Bagpipe Orchestra, directed by Apostol Kissyov, Rhodopea Kaba Trio and Georgi Kichukov (bagpipe), Georgi Mussorliev, Alexander Raichev, Georgi Doichev ,Ognyan Vassilev (tupan), Peicho Peev, Kostadin Varimezov,Stoyan Velichkov (tupan), Nedyo Mirkov, Pencho Atanassov (tupan), Kostadin Atanassov, Dimitar Chupetlovski, Ilia Dimitrov, Krassimir Kondov, Trifon Trifonov, Zahari Ivanov, Dancho Yossifov (tupan), Minko Dimitrov, Nikola Atanassov, The Dobroudjanska Troika - Dobrich
    Accompanied by: orchestra, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, instrumental group
    Conductors: Hristofor Radanov, Georgi Andreev, Hristo Todorov

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