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Welcome to our collection Musical Instruments from Bulgaria of traditional Wind Orchetra! Our series continues with the vibrant and soul-stirring sounds of the horos and ruchenitsa. These instruments have been an integral part of Bulgarian folk music since the liberation of the Bulgarian people from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, and today, they are essential to all festive celebrations in Bulgaria. The haunting melodies and intricate rhythms of these instruments have been passed down through generations, capturing the essence of Bulgarian folklore and culture.  Bring the spirit of Bulgaria to your music with these iconic Wind Orchetra.

Musical Instruments from Bulgaria · Wind Orchetra

  • [1] Dunavsko horo 3'42''

    [2] Dobrudjansko horo 4'00''

    [3] Veseloto Sanche 3'49''

    [4] Veselo surtse 2'35''

    [5] Samokovsko horo 3'29''

    [6] Pravo horo 3'16''

    [7] Grancharsko horo 4'38''

    [8] Zvezden polet 4'54''

    [9] Krushovensko horo 4'17''

    [10] Pravo miziisko horo 3'22''

    [11] Butovsko horo 3'43''

    [12] Vrachansko horo 4'07''

    [13] Mihailovgradsko horo (elenino) 3'23''

    [14] Gornooryahovsko horo 4'06''

    [15] Turnovsko horo 4'08''

    Total: 57'35''

  • Wind Orchestra of Transport Troops,
    Wind Orchestra of Construction Troops Ensemble,
    Wind Orchestra of Railway Troops, Wind Orchestra
    Conductors: Hristo Tonev, Dotso Vutkov, Hristofor Radanov, Nikolai Bratanov

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