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Mussorgsky & Shostakovich · Guenko Guechev, Bass

Introducing the mesmerizing performance of Mussorgsky & Shostakovich by the renowned Bulgarian bass singer, Guenko Guechev. Hailing from a country famous for its opera singers, Guechev has a successful career on a global scale. With a powerful and expressive voice, he captures the emotional depth of the compositions and delivers a captivating performance that leaves audiences in awe. Guechev is not only a star in opera productions, but also shines in chamber music performances, showcasing his versatility and artistry. Experience the exquisite artistry of Guechev as he brings to life the music of Mussorgsky and Shostakovich in a truly unforgettable performance.

Mussorgsky & Shostakovich · Guenko Guechev, Bass



Songs and Dances of Death

[1]Lullaby 4’54’’

[2]Serenade 4’27’’

[3]Trepak 5’09’’

[4]TheFieldMarshal 5’52’’


Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Buonarroti, op. 145

[5]Truth 3’32’’

[6]Morning 2’36’’

[7] Love 3’48’’

[8] Separation 1’54’’

[9] Anger 1’28’’

[10] Dante, To the Exile 6’09’’

[11] Creativity 2’50’’

[12] Night 3’12’’

[13] Death 4’22’’

[14] Immortality 3’11’’

DDD 53’29’’

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