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North-Bulgarian Mood · Horo Orchestra

Experience the rich and vibrant tradition of North-Bulgarian folk music with the legendary HORO Orchestra. Founded in 1962 by Vassil Purvanov,  the orchestra continues to showcase the beauty and authenticity of this regional musical style. With their passionate and spirited performances, the HORO Orchestra invites listeners to immerse themselves in the dynamic and evocative sounds of North-Bulgarian music. Whether you are a connoisseur of folk music or just discovering the magic of Bulgarian melodies, the HORO Orchestra will transport you to the heart of this musical tradition. With over 40 talented musicians contributing to its unique sound over the years, the orchestra boasts a repertoire of over 500 horos tunes and songs, capturing the essence of North Bulgarian musical traditions. Many of these timeless tracks have been recorded and released on records and CDs, allowing listeners to enjoy the authentic sound of Bulgarian folk music wherever they go. The orchestra has also garnered acclaim at national and international competitions, solidifying its reputation as a true ambassador of Bulgarian musical heritage. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and rhythms of North-Bulgarian Mood · Horo Orchestra and discover the beauty of Bulgarian folk music.

North-Bulgarian Mood · Horo Orchestra


[1] Megdansko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’20’’

[2] Medley – music by Tsvetan Banev 6’25’’

Old Grandfather / Milka moma / Kalina

[3] Petrovsko Elenino Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’44’’

[4] Siika Is Walking in the Yard (Siika po dvor hodi) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’01’’

[5] Peichinovsko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’10’’

[6] Beautiful Big Sister (Kaka ubavitsa) – music by Tsvetan Banev 3’35’’

[7] Chervensko Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’56’’

[8] My Sweetheart (Libe le) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’00’’

[9] Danubian Horo (Dunavsko horo) – music by Vassil Purvanov 2’32’’

[10] Hey, Penka (Penke le) – music by Tsvetan Banev 4’02’’

[11] Dunavsko Elenino Horo – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’28’’

[12] Luda Kopanitsa – music by Vassil Purvanov 3’29’’

DDD 43’50’’

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