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Our Oтче Нашь · Pater Noster · Our Father CD features the most iconic and beloved rendition of this timeless and sacred prayer, making it a must-have for any collection of orthodox songs. "Our Father" is the most important prayer in the Christian world, also known as the Lord's Prayer, given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. This essential prayer contains all the basic moral principles of the Christian faith and is often referred to as the Short Gospel. Whether you are attending church service or simply seeking spiritual comfort, this powerful and moving masterpiece will elevate your worship experience and inspire your faith. The hauntingly beautiful vocals transport the listener to a place of reverence and devotion.

The album is a timeless and cherished addition to any collection of Orthodox songs, evoking a sense of deep spirituality and connection to the divine.

Oтче Нашь · Pater Noster · Our Father

  • [1] Our Father – music Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky 4’30’’

    [2] Glory to the Father– music St. John Koukouzeles 1’38’’

    [3] Our Father– music Nikolai Kedrov 2’43’’

    [4] O Only Begotten Son– music Peter Dinev 3’45”

    [5] Our Father – music Peter Dinev 3’33’’

    [6] Blessed Is the Man – music Grigoriy Lyubimov 4'44''

    [7] Cherubic Song, mode 5 – Bolgarskii rozpev 6’01’’

    [8] Praise Ye the Name of the Lord – music Dobri Hristov 3'57''

    [9] Great Doxology - music Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky 6’49’’

    [10] Our Father – music Dobri Hristov 2’45’’

    [11] Litany of Fervent Supplication – music Alexander Grechaninov 5'58''

    [12] The Creed – music Alexander Grechaninov 4’27''

    [13] We Hymn Thee – music Priest Vassiliy Zinoviev 2'50''

    [14] Our Father – Eastern chant, mode 5, arr. by Archpriest Kiril Popov 2'48"

    [15] O God, Save Thy People – music Pavel Chesnokov 3’41’’

    DDD 60’16’’

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