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Enter the realm of divine beauty and sacred resonance with the exquisite voices of the "Vassil Arnaudov" Sofia Chamber Choir in their album "Orthodox Chants". Spanning seven centuries (from the 14th to the 20th century), this collection of works offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of East-Orthodox church music. The accompanying booklet provides the texts of the chants, allowing listeners to fully fascinate themselves in the spiritual and historical significance of each piece. The album captures the essence of orthodox music, immersing the listener in a spiritual experience that is both transcendent and deeply moving. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies to the powerful vocal harmonies, the Sofia Chamber Choir's performance is a testament to the rich tradition of orthodox music. Let the exquisite voices of the Sofia Chamber Choir transport you to a realm of divine beauty and sacred resonance.

Orthodox Chants · "Vassil Arnaudov" Sofia Chamber Choir

  • John Koukouzeles

    [1] Slava Ottsu i Sinu / Lesser Doxology 1'10''

    Petar Dinev

    [2] Troparion to Saints Cyril and Methodius 1'17''

    Dobri Hristov

    [3] Tebe poem / We Hymn Thee from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 2'18''

    Anonymous - Mode VIII

    [4] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 1'56''

    Alexander Tekeliev

    [5] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 2'51''

    Dobri Hristov

    [6] Herouvimska No. 4 / Cherubic Hymn No4 5'35''

    Anonymous - Mode V (Elena chant)

    [7] Gospodi, pomilui / Lord, Have Mercy 1'37''

    Ivan Spassov

    [8] Holy Bulgarian Liturgy (excerpts) 5'38''

    Alexander Tanev

    [9] Tebe poem / We Hymn Thee 5'34''

    [10] Ottche nash / Our Father 3'24''

    Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky

    [11] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 2'26''

    Konstantin Shvedov

    [12] Ne imami iniya pomoshchi / We Have No Other Help But Thee 2'35''

    Pavel Chesnokov

    [13] Svete tihii / O Gladsome Light, op. 9 No 21 2'27''

    [14] Hvalite imya Gospodne / Praise the Name of The Lord, op. 9, No 23 1'50''

    Dmitrii Noskov

    [15] Vo vsyo zemlyu / Thy Proclamation 2'58''

    Sergei Rachmaninov

    [16] Bogoroditse, Devo, raduisya / Hail, O Virgin Theotokos from,"All-Night Vigil", op. 37 2'49''

    Dmitrii Bortnyansky

    [17] Gospodi, Bozhe Izrailev / O Lord, God of Israel (Sacred Concerto No 26) 7'15''

    DDD 53'40''

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