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Step into the sacred world of Orthodox music with our CD featuring traditional music from Orthodox Wedding Ceremonies and New Year services. The hauntingly beautiful melodies and harmonies provide a captivating glimpse into the rich history and timeless beauty of this musical tradition. From the solemnity of the wedding ceremony to the joyous celebration of the New Year service, the CD captures the essence of Orthodox music in all its splendor. The ancient roots of this music can be traced back to the Byzantine chant and service, and in later years, new chants were created based on Bolgarskii rospev. The CD provides a captivating glimpse into the history and beauty of Orthodox music,  the sacred melodies and ancient chants that have been passed down through generations and continue to inspire and uplift listeners.



Orthodox Wedding Ceremony & New Year Service


    [1] Come from Lebanon, Bride - S. Degtyarev 1'32''

    [2] Psalm 127 - M. Popsavov 1'54''

    [3] The Great Litany - S. Smolensky 7'33''

    [4] Prokimen. Hallelujah. Glory -S. Degtyarev 2'34''

    [5] Our Father - A. Sheremetev 2'55''

    [6] Rejoice Isaiah. Holy Martyrs. Glory to You,

    Lord Jesus Christ - S. Degtyarev 2'18''

    [7] Meet It Is - P. Chesnokov 1'51''

    [8] For Many Years - I. Sorokin 1'40''


    [9] The Great Litany - D. Hristov 8'39''

    [10] God Lord. Troparions - N. Bakhmetev 3'57''

    [11] Prokimen. Hallelujah - * * * 1'31''

    [12] The Litany of Supplication - N. Kedrov, Sr. 6'16''

    [13] Te Deum laudamus - D. Sarti 6'51''

    [14] For Many Years - V. Titov 1'56''

    DDD 51'22''

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