The Nativity of Christ is one of the most celebrated Christian events. For this reason Gega New Music Company continues to release Slavonic Orthodox chants dedicated to this great feast. The programme includes polyphonic choir pieces, as well as monophonic Orthodox chants. The release includes not only church music performed at this feast but also secular Christmas songs.


Recorded at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in June 2000


  • Track Listing

    [1] Tropar Na Rozhdestvo Hristovo 0'58''

    Troparion for the Nativity - anonym

    [2] Kondak na rozhdestvo hristovo 2'16''

    Kontakion for the Nativity - Bolgarski rospev, harmonization by D. Bortniansky

    [3] Svete Tihii 2'48''

    O Gladsome Radiance - D. Hristov, arr. I. Kurtev

    [4] Velichanie na Rozhdestvo Hristovo 2'36''

    Exaltation for the Nativity - K. Popov

    [5] Voskliknite gospodevi

    Shout Joyfully to God - A. Gretchaninov, arr. by P. Chesnokov

    [6] Hristos razhdaetsya 3'15''

    Christ Is Born - obikhod (1st song), Little Litany - I. Kochetov 2'11''

    [7] Velik prokimen "kto Bog velii" 2'24''

    Great Prokeimenon "What God Is There Like Our God?" - anonym

    [8] Slava v'vishnih Bogu 5'28''

    Glory to God in the Highest - D. Bortniansky, arr. by I. Kurtev

    [9] Elitsi vo Hrista 5'38''

    As Many as Are Baptized Into Christ - Bolgarski rospev, harm. by D. Hristov

    [10] Iz kanon za rozhdestvo hristovo 1'50''

    From A Canon for the Nativity - Old Bulgarian text by St. Clement of Ohrid

    musical adaptation by K. Popov

    [11] Zadostoinik na Rozhdestvo Hristovo 3'15''

    Anti Axion Esti Sung at the Nativity - Eastern chant, 1st mode

    [12] Svetilen na Rozhdestvo Hristovo 1'25''

    Exaposteilaron Sung at the Nativity - Eastern chant in the 5th mode

    [13] Rozhdestvenska vazhvala 5'01''

    In Praise of the Nativity - Old Bulgarian text by Bishop Konstantin Preslavski

    music by K. Popov

    [14] Rozhdestvo Hristovo 2'03''

    The Birth of Christ - text by Elin Pelin, music by D. Hristov, arr. by Kiril Popov

    [15] Tiha nosht 3'15''

    Silent Night, Holy Night - music by F. Gruber, arr. by K. Popov

    [16] Nova rada stala 2'35''

    New Joy Has Come (Ukrainian Christmas carol)

    [17] Dobryi vecher 2'16''

    Good Evening (Ukrainian Christmas carol)

    [18] Bogovitsa 0'50''

    Christmas Bread - lyrics by P. R. Slaveikov, music by D. Hristov

    [19] Dobri gosti – Koledari 1'06''

    Christmas Visitors - Christmas carol from Strandja

    [20] Koleda 0'58''

    Christmas – popular - lyrics, music by D. Hristov

    [21] Koledari 1'36''

    Christmas Carolers - lyrics by P. R. Slaveikov, music by A. Bukoreshtliev

    [22] Mnogoletie 2'01''

    The Many Years Prayer - music by D. Bortnyansky

    [23] Bells 1'07''

    DDD 56'52''

  • Participating

    Soloists: Archpriest Kostadin Yanchin, Deacon Petar Yanakov,Deacon Ivan Ivanov, Dimitar Bonev, Stoyan Malinov, Kiril Didov, Male Choir of the Sveta Nedelya Cathedral - Sofia
    Kiril Popov, conductor