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With high-energy performances and authentic renditions of traditional Bulgarian folk dances, Petko Radev & Friends deliver an immersive and unforgettable musical experience. With Petko Radev's masterful musicianship and the unparalleled skill of his fellow musicians, this album showcases Radev's impressive talent and his commitment to preserving and evolving the traditions of Bulgarian folk music. Radev's unique style and dedication to the craft continue to delight fans of Bulgarian folk music, making this album a must-have for any lover of traditional Eastern European music.

Petko Radev & Friends · Bulgarian Folk Dances

  • [1] Svatbarsko horo 2’47’’

    [2] Marichenska rachenitsa 2’43”

    [3] Kopanitsa 3’16”

    [4] Chernokonevsko horo 3’16”

    [5] Gerdemsko horo 3’13”

    [6] Breznishko horo 3’24”

    [7] Dulgo horo 3’33”

    [8] Zetyovska rachenitsa 3’11”

    [9] Sadovska rachenitsa 3’02”

    [10] Belorechensko horo 4’21”

    [11] Horo “Gruncharka” 3’46”

    [12] Svatbarska rachenitsa 3’33”

    [13] Svobodenska rachenitsa 3’37”

    [14] Yambolsko horo 3’13”

    [15] Milevska rachenistsa 2’42”

    DDD 49’42’’

  • Petko Radev (clarinet), Ivan Kirev (accordion), Petko Dachev (accordion), Ivan Mihov (violin), Ivan Hadjiiski (trumpet), Ivan Shibilev (accordion), Emil Kolev  (accordion), Yordan Yotov (accordion)

    Orchestra conducted by Petko Radev, Ivan Kirev, Hristo Todorov, Emil Kolev, Kosta Kolev

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