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Petko Radev, clarinet, has a special place in Bulgarian music culture. On the one hand, he is one of the most renowned classical music performers. He played in the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, in Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and the Milan Scala orchestra. His solo repertoire is impressive. Gega New has released recordings of his performances together with pianist Maria Prinz. Petko Radev is a professor in the Sofia Academy of Music.
Together with that, he is a legend in Bulgarian folk music. Being a brilliant performer, he skillfully combines his virtuosic technique with magnificent improvisations on samples of Bulgarian folk music. He founded a folk music orchestra and participated in the recordings of many folk singers: Staika Gyokova, Nedialka Keranova, Yovcho Karaivanov, Gruycho Dochev, etc. For a period of nearly 20 years, performing partners of Petko Radev are among the best instrumentalists in Bulgaria: Petko Dachev, Kosta Kolev, Emil Kolev, Ivan Kirev, Yordan Yotov, Ivan Hadjiiski. Recordings of that period have long been perceived as classics in Bulgarian folk music and the next generation of performers (some of them his pupils in the Academy of Music) feel respect and regard for the musician who created a new style in the folk genre.
The album Petko Radev & Friends features the closest partners of the musician. It continues the release Petko Radev and Petko Dachev . The two CDs are evidence of his talent and skill, of his ability to unite and develop the achievements of his older colleagues. Petko Radev’s unique style still continues to bring joy to the admirers of Bulgarian folk music.


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  • [1] Svatbarsko horo 2’47’’

    [2] Marichenska rachenitsa 2’43”

    [3] Kopanitsa 3’16”

    [4] Chernokonevsko horo 3’16”

    [5] Gerdemsko horo 3’13”

    [6] Breznishko horo 3’24”

    [7] Dulgo horo 3’33”

    [8] Zetyovska rachenitsa 3’11”

    [9] Sadovska rachenitsa 3’02”

    [10] Belorechensko horo 4’21”

    [11] Horo “Gruncharka” 3’46”

    [12] Svatbarska rachenitsa 3’33”

    [13] Svobodenska rachenitsa 3’37”

    [14] Yambolsko horo 3’13”

    [15] Milevska rachenistsa 2’42”

    DDD 49’42’’

  • Petko Radev (clarinet), Ivan Kirev (accordion), Petko Dachev (accordion), Ivan Mihov (violin), Ivan Hadjiiski (trumpet), Ivan Shibilev (accordion), Emil Kolev  (accordion), Yordan Yotov (accordion)

    Orchestra conducted by Petko Radev, Ivan Kirev, Hristo Todorov, Emil Kolev, Kosta Kolev

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