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Pavlina Dokovska brings her exceptional talent and expertise to the timeless and captivating Robert Schumann's Piano Works. This collection showcases her mastery of the piano and her deep understanding of the emotional nuances within Schumann's compositions. With a background that includes studying with some of the most renowned pianists in the world, Dokovska's interpretation of Schumann's music is both powerful and nuanced. Each piece is brought to life with precision and passion, creating a captivating listening experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty of piano music.

Robert Schumann · Piano Works

  • Fantasie in C major Op. 17

    [1] Durchaus fantastisch und leidenschaftlich vorzutragen 13'03"

    [2] Moderato, sempre energico 7'26"

    [3] Lento sostenuto e sempre piano 9'42"

    Faschingsschwank aus Wien Op. 26

    [4] Allegro 9'53"

    [5] Romanze 3'19"

    [6] Scherzino 1'59"

    [7] Intermezzo 2'17"

    [8] Finale 5'36"

    [9] Variations on an original theme 9'07"

    DDD 63'10"

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