The Museum of St. John's Co-Cathedral in Malta discovered the scores of sacred music composed by 18th and 19th-century Maltese composers. This music had never been performed before. APS Bank of Malta decided to participate in a cultural project and sponsor its performance at four concerts in four successive years. The first concert of baroque music took place on November 10th, 2001 at St John's Co-Cathedral. It was performed by a choir, orchestra and soloists - soprano, tenor, baritone, bass and was conducted by John Galea. APS Bank decided that besides being performed at concerts, the music should also be recorded and released on compact discs so as to make it popular throughout the world. Gega New was invited to make the recording. It was the company’s first recording with Bulgarian recording staff and equipment outside Bulgaria. The programme of the concert included Romantic sacred music of the 19th century. The CD allows us to get acquainted with the fascinating Maltese composers of the 19th century, who are almost unknown to music lovers. Gega New and APS Bank will continue their cooperation and they are in the process of preparing the second CD.


Live recording made on 11th December 2002 at St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta


  • Track Listing

    Pietro Paolo Bugeja
    [1] Sinfonia: Nella trame deluse 7'28"
    Francesco Decesare
    [2] Salve Regina 6'29"
    Vincenzo Bugeja
    [3] Antifonia: Opresset me dolor 6'09"
    Antonio Nani
    [4] Veritas mea 5'22"
    Paolo Nani
    [5] Antifonia: Beata Mater 8'00"
    Giuseppe Spiteri Fremond
    [6] Sinfonia No. 3 a Grande Orchestra 10'35"
    DDD 44'05"



  • Participating

    Soloists: Elias Cassar (tenor)

    Anthony Montebello (bass); Alfred Camilleri (baritone)

    The Jubal Male Choir and Orchestra

    John Galea, conductor