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As a significant addition to the repertoire of sacred music, this collection highlights the masterful compositions of Maltese composers, elevating their works to a wider audience. The performances are expertly executed by talented musicians who are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cultural and historical significance of these pieces.

This album of previously unperformed sacred music showcases the rich and diverse musical heritage of Malta. The carefully curated program ensures a dynamic and immersive musical journey for the audience. The concerts promise to be a captivating and moving experience for music lovers and history enthusiasts alike, as they bring to life the work of these talented but often overlooked composers.
Don't miss the chance to witness the beauty of Sacred Music of The 19th Century by Maltese Composers at these exclusive performances!


Live recording made on 11th December 2002 at St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta

Sacred Music of The 19th Century by Maltese Composers

  • Pietro Paolo Bugeja
    [1] Sinfonia: Nella trame deluse 7'28"
    Francesco Decesare
    [2] Salve Regina 6'29"
    Vincenzo Bugeja
    [3] Antifonia: Opresset me dolor 6'09"
    Antonio Nani
    [4] Veritas mea 5'22"
    Paolo Nani
    [5] Antifonia: Beata Mater 8'00"
    Giuseppe Spiteri Fremond
    [6] Sinfonia No. 3 a Grande Orchestra 10'35"
    DDD 44'05"



  • Soloists: Elias Cassar (tenor)

    Anthony Montebello (bass); Alfred Camilleri (baritone)

    The Jubal Male Choir and Orchestra

    John Galea, conductor

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