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Schnittke & Prokofiev · Sonatas

The famous Bulgarian cellist Ventseslav Nikolov known with his preference for contemporary music and with his significant popularizing activity plays two remarkable 20th-century compositions - the sonatas by Schnittke and Prokofiev. Together with the pianist Rostislav Yovchev, an excellent musician also with proven understanding and attitude to 20th century music, he has registered an inspiring interpretation of the compositions included in the album. The duo reveals the emotional resources of Prokofiev's music and that of Schnittke. It is with mastership in the sound producing and overlapping of timbres and nuances, understanding the essence of the dynamics in the composer's invention, that both cellist and pianist achieve a strongly impressing rendition of the works, whose sincere impulse captivates the listeners.

Schnittke & Prokofiev · Sonatas



Sonata for Cello and Piano (1978)

[1] Largo 3'44"

[2] Presto 6'24"

[3] Largo 9'17"

[4] Improvisation pour violoncelle seul (1994) 7'51"


Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 119, C Major

[5] Andante grave 10'47"

[6] Moderato 4'26"

[7] Allegro ma non troppo 7'35

DDD 50'29"

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