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Schubert & Brahms · Viola & Piano

Introducing the Schubert & Brahms Viola & Piano album, featuring the exceptional talents of Bulgarian musicians Georgi Badev and Bojidar Noev. This captivating recording showcases the versatility of Badev, who typically plays the violin but takes on the viola for this incredible performance. The album includes three masterful works by Schubert and Brahms, brought to life with the rich, expressive sound of Badev's specially made viola. This instrument, crafted by Bulgaria's most renowned violin and viola maker, adds a unique and enchanting quality to the duo's renditions. Experience the beauty and artistry of these timeless compositions as performed by these celebrated artists.

Schubert & Brahms · Viola & Piano



Sonata "Arpeggione"

[1] Allegro moderato 8'29''

[2] Adagio 4'35''

[3] Allegretto 8'21''


Sonata Op. 120, No. 1

[4] Allegro Appassionato 7'58''

[5] Andante un poco Adagio 5'38''

[6] Allegro grazioso 4'00''

[7] Vivace 4'57''


Sonata Op. 120, No. 2

[8] Allegro amabile 8'53''

[9] Allegro appassionato 4'38''

[10] Andante con moto 7'46''

DDD 65'37''

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