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Maurice Bourgue is one of today's leading oboists. He has won major international prizes and performs with the world's most prestigious orchestras and distinguished conductors. Mr. Bourgue is also a highly respected teacher. He holds permanent teaching positions in Paris and Geneva, and gives master classes in Budapest, Hanover, Moscow…
Jean-Bernard Pommier is renowned the world over as a pianist and conductor. He studied the piano under famous pedagogues and later joined E. Bigot's and E. Istomin's conducting classes. He is the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. He has played with the greatest orchestras and conductors and worked in collaboration with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Herbert von Karajan. An outstanding chamber player, he regularly performs with Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zukerman, Christian Ferras, the Guarneri and Vermeer Quartets, and many other famous musicians.


Recorded in: La Maison de la musique de la ferte St. Aubin (Loiret, France) in 2000


  • Track Listing


    Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70

    [1] Langsam mit innigem Ausdruck 3’32”

    [2] Rasch und feurig 4’36”

    Three Romances Op. 94

    [3] Nicht schnell 3’13”

    [4] Einfach, innig 4’06”

    [5] Nicht schnell 4’36”

    Five Pieces in a Popular Tone Op. 102

    [6] Langsam 3’04”

    [7] Nicht schnell, mit viel ton zu spielen 3’48”

    [8] Nicht zu rasch 2’15”

    Fantasiestücke (oboe d’amore)

    [9] Zart und mit Ausdruck 3’28”

    [10] Lebhaft, leicht 3’37”

    [11] Rasch und mit Feuer 3’59”


    Three Romances Op. 22

    [12] Andante molto 3’28”

    [13] Allegretto mit zarten Vortrage 2’48”

    [14] Leidenschaftlich schnell 4’32”

    [15] Nachtlied Op. 85 No. 12 2'34”

    (Transcription Joachim)

    DDD: 53’36”

  • Participating

    Maurice Bourgue - oboe and oboe d'amore
    Jean-Bernard Pommier - piano

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