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Schumann Recital · Jean-Bernard Pommier

Schumann Recital · Jean-Bernard Pommier features the exceptional talent of pianist and conductor Jean-Bernard Pommier, renowned worldwide for his virtuosity and musicality. Joined by Maurice Bourgue, one of today's leading oboists, this recital showcases the artistry of two of the most distinguished musicians of our time. Pommier, who studied under famous pedagogues and conducted classes with E. Bigot and E. Istomin, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this performance. Bourgue, a major prize winner and performer with prestigious orchestras, adds his masterful oboe playing to create a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Schumann Recital · Jean-Bernard Pommier



Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70

[1] Langsam mit innigem Ausdruck 3’32”

[2] Rasch und feurig 4’36”

Three Romances Op. 94

[3] Nicht schnell 3’13”

[4] Einfach, innig 4’06”

[5] Nicht schnell 4’36”

Five Pieces in a Popular Tone Op. 102

[6] Langsam 3’04”

[7] Nicht schnell, mit viel ton zu spielen 3’48”

[8] Nicht zu rasch 2’15”

Fantasiestücke (oboe d’amore)

[9] Zart und mit Ausdruck 3’28”

[10] Lebhaft, leicht 3’37”

[11] Rasch und mit Feuer 3’59”


Three Romances Op. 22

[12] Andante molto 3’28”

[13] Allegretto mit zarten Vortrage 2’48”

[14] Leidenschaftlich schnell 4’32”

[15] Nachtlied Op. 85 No. 12 2'34”

(Transcription Joachim)

DDD: 53’36”

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