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The Female Chamber Choir, a renowned group with a rich history presents a fascinating album Sound Magic. Led by the esteemed conductor Krikor Chetinian, the choir has captivated audiences with their breathtaking performances. With a repertoire that spans from classical to contemporary pieces, the Female Chamber Choir showcases the beauty and versatility of the female voice. As one of the leading ensembles the choir continues to inspire and influence the next generation of talented vocalists under the direction of Chetinian, who also serves as the head of the Conducting Department. Immerse yourself in the enchanting harmonies and exquisite artistry of the Female Chamber Choir, and experience the magic of their music.

Sound Magic · Female Chamber Choir

  • [1] Bela Bartok – Hussar Song 1’48’’
    [2] Veljo Tormis – Modal Etudes 2’31’
    І. How Bright It Is
    ІІ. Clouds
    ІІІ. Winter
    ІV. Song of Sledges
    [3] Yefim Adler – The Storm 1’04’’
    [4] Bela Bartok – Bird Song 1’29’’
    [5] Bela Bartok – Wandering in the Forest 2’32’’
    [6] Bela Bartok - Breadbaking 2’13’’
    [7] Gabriel Faure – Cantique de Jean Racine 5’13’’
    [8] Dobri Hristov – In Thy Kingdom 2’08’’
    [9] Pavel Chesnokov – The Mercy of Peace, from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 5’20’’
    [10] Stefan Mutafchiev – In Thy Kingdom 3’38’’
    [11] Stefan Mutafchiev – Cherubic Hymn 6’08’’
    [12] Stefan Mutafchiev – Otishal Stoyan na mehana (Stoyan na Mehana) 4’07’’
    [13] Alexander Tanev - Moya da bade devoyka (Let The Maiden Be Mine) 2’39’’
    [14] Assen Diamandiev – Dorke, Todorke 2’12’’
    [15] Nikolai Stoikov – Koyo, Kostadine 1’38’’
    [16] Nikolai Stoikov – Kalugerine, tsran gyavoline (Hey, Nun) Ivan Spassov – Songs from Pirin Region 2’00’’
    [17] Yurgo, mila sestro (Yourga, My Sister) 0’59’’
    [18] Margalinku, devoiku (Margalinka, a Young Girl) 1’27’’
    [19] Sabrali se, mori, lele Yano (Yana, They Gathered Together) 0’51’’
    [20] Gore si otidoh, mayu le (Up I Went) 2’00’’
    [21] Mar, Prodano, gizdava devoiku (Prodana, Pretty Girl)
    [22] Ivan Spassov – Two Drums Are Drumming 3’21’’
    DDD 57’36’’

  • Female Chamber Choir with the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv
    Krikor Chetinian, conductor

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