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In October 1975 the first stage appearance of the Female Chamber Choir with the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv, took place. Its long-time leader is the famous conductor Krikor Chetinian, who conducted the choir up to 2002. He is also head of the Conducting Department in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv, as well as a jury member in almost all European choral competitions. He conducts master classes in many countries of Europe.
Prof. Chetinian lays the foundations for repertoire policy of the Female Chamber Choir and it has become one of the most popular choirs to perform premiere works by Bulgarian and foreign authors. Many composers write their works specially for the choir and they are characterized by greater complexity and requirements for supreme mastery of vocal technique. The exceptional professionalism of the choir and the conductor has been highly valued at prestigious international festivals in Europe and North America. Everywhere the Female Chamber Choir is regarded as a standard for excellence in the choral art!
The recordings in the program represent the development of the choir over the years. The earliest are from the early years (“Two Drums Are Drumming” by Ivan Spassov, 1976), and an example of a later work is “Koyo, Kostadine” by Nikolai Stoikov. All recordings in the release will immerse the listener in the beauty of the sound magic!


  • Track Listing

    [1] Bela Bartok – Hussar Song 1’48’’
    [2] Veljo Tormis – Modal Etudes 2’31’
    І. How Bright It Is
    ІІ. Clouds
    ІІІ. Winter
    ІV. Song of Sledges
    [3] Yefim Adler – The Storm 1’04’’
    [4] Bela Bartok – Bird Song 1’29’’
    [5] Bela Bartok – Wandering in the Forest 2’32’’
    [6] Bela Bartok - Breadbaking 2’13’’
    [7] Gabriel Faure – Cantique de Jean Racine 5’13’’
    [8] Dobri Hristov – In Thy Kingdom 2’08’’
    [9] Pavel Chesnokov – The Mercy of Peace, from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 5’20’’
    [10] Stefan Mutafchiev – In Thy Kingdom 3’38’’
    [11] Stefan Mutafchiev – Cherubic Hymn 6’08’’
    [12] Stefan Mutafchiev – Otishal Stoyan na mehana (Stoyan na Mehana) 4’07’’
    [13] Alexander Tanev - Moya da bade devoyka (Let The Maiden Be Mine) 2’39’’
    [14] Assen Diamandiev – Dorke, Todorke 2’12’’
    [15] Nikolai Stoikov – Koyo, Kostadine 1’38’’
    [16] Nikolai Stoikov – Kalugerine, tsran gyavoline (Hey, Nun) Ivan Spassov – Songs from Pirin Region 2’00’’
    [17] Yurgo, mila sestro (Yourga, My Sister) 0’59’’
    [18] Margalinku, devoiku (Margalinka, a Young Girl) 1’27’’
    [19] Sabrali se, mori, lele Yano (Yana, They Gathered Together) 0’51’’
    [20] Gore si otidoh, mayu le (Up I Went) 2’00’’
    [21] Mar, Prodano, gizdava devoiku (Prodana, Pretty Girl)
    [22] Ivan Spassov – Two Drums Are Drumming 3’21’’
    DDD 57’36’’

  • Participating

    Female Chamber Choir with the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv
    Krikor Chetinian, conductor

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