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Stamitz & Penderecki Viola Concertos showcases the incredible talents of two celebrated composers separated by two centuries. Karl Philipp Stamitz, a prominent figure in the classical era, and Krzystof Penderecki, a renowned contemporary composer, both contributed significant works to the viola concerto repertoire. Stamitz's Konzert D Dur for Viola and Orchestra represents the evolution of the genre during his time, while Penderecki's concerto reflects the modern interpretations and innovations in music. This release not only highlights the virtuosity of the viola as a solo instrument, but also offers a captivating journey through the history and development of the viola concerto.

With stellar performances by top violist Dimitar Penkov the album provides a captivating journey through the evolution of viola music, from the graceful melodies of the 18th century to the avant-garde sounds of the 20th century.

Stamitz & Penderecki · Viola Concertos


    Konzert D Dur for Viola and Orchestra

    [1] Allegro non tropo 13'04''

    [2] Andante (Moderato) 6'25''

    [3] Rondo (Allegretto) 4'19''


    [4] Concerto per viola ed orchestra 21'24''

    DDD 45'13"

    Sofia Symphony Orchestra

    Vassil Kazandjiev, conductor
    NDR Orchestra

    Aldo Ceccato, conductor

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