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The nightingale’s song · Svetoglas

The male vocal quartet Svetoglas was founded in 2009. Daniel Spassov, Stanimir Ivanov, Viktor Tomanov and Milen Ivanov interpret ancient Bulgarian music – both folklore and Orthodox chants. Their folk repertoire includes songs from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. They perform with the same love and skill authentic songs from different folklore dialects and present them in a way that is close and interesting to the modern listeners.

Their art is well known in Norway, Spain, Russia, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Colombia and many other countries.

The album The Nightingale’s Song is a kind of panorama of Bulgaria’s musical-folklore regions. It features the diversity of folk art by reviving the old tradition of male singing.

The nightingale’s song · Svetoglas


[1]     A dream        4:13
[2]     The nightingale’s song           3:14
[3]     Suite for soloists         3:18
[4]     Glas mi se zachuva (I hear a voice)        2:30
[5]     Two songs from Northwest Bulgaria      2:22
[6]     Damian tanets vodi (Damian is leading a dance)       2:32
[7]     Mori, Nedo (Hey, Nedo)  [Live]      2:35
[8]     Panair (A fair)       1:46
[9]     Moito libe (My sweetheart)     1:24    
[10]     Telegrama diode (A telegram arrived)      3:38
[11]     Zemia i nebe (Earth and sky)       3:39
[12]     Dve nevesti (Two brides)    1:57
[13]     Ruzha      3:19
[14]     Momini salzi (Maiden’s tears)      5:37
[15]     Three shoppe songs      2:15
[16]     Zhatva (Harvest)     2:11
[17]     Christmas songs     1:26
[18]     Planino (Hey, mountain)      1:42
[19]     Snoshti si, mamo, otidoh (Mother, I left last night)    2:18
[20]     Bre, Petrounko (Hey, Petrounko)      1:10
[21]     A game [Live]    2:39
[22]     Shopska vartelezhka (Shoppe carousel)    1:25
Total:  57:09

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