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Blue Echo by Yassen Vodenitcharov is a captivating contemporary classical music composition that immerses the listener into a world of paintings, timbres, unusual harmonies, and rhythms. With this album he invites us to explore the depths of his captivating musical landscapes, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection.

As a graduate of two national conservatories in Bulgaria and France, the composer infuses his works with a unique and sophisticated style that sets him apart in the contemporary music scene. Collaborating with prominent musicians, Vodenitcharov's compositions often push the boundaries of traditional classical music, resulting in pieces that are both thought-provoking and innovative.

Blue Echo is a testament to Vodenitcharov's ability to create evocative and dynamic music that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Blue Echo · Yassen Vodenitcharov

  • [1] TheRibbonofMöbius (Le Rubande Möbius) 10:33

    [2] Blue Echo (Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra)13:22

    [3] Bacchus and Ariadne 7:01

    [4] Trajectories of Silence 12:22

    [5] Lamento 7:46

    [6] Concerto for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra 14:34

    DDD 65:40

  • Daniel Ciampolini, Michel Cerrutti, Dimitri Vassilakis, Fuminori Tanada, André Feydy, Amélie Boulas, Quartet Estudiantina, New Ensemble for Modern Music, Paul Méfano, Renaud Desbazeille

    Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra with conductor Ivan Stoyanov

    Ensemble l’Itinéraire with conductor Patrick Davin

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