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Yassen Vodenitcharov is one of the most impressive contemporary European artists. Besides being a composer, he is also a pianist and music theorist. He graduated in Bulgaria as a student of Prof. Dimitar Tapkoff (composition) and Prof. Liliana Antova (piano) and then he furthered his studies in France: composition with Professor Paul Méfano, musical acoustics with Prof. Michele Castellengo, 20th century music and musicology with Prof. Hugues Dufour. He has composed works for symphony and chamber orchestra, instrumental, vocal and instrumental ensembles, etc. His works were performed at concerts and festivals in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, etc. Some of his compositions have been recorded and released on the Gega New label (GD 253 and GD 345).
His compositional style focuses on programme music, making use of sound groupings and an avant-garde musical language. Yassen Vodenitcharov has a marked preference for interesting combinations of instruments and voices that highlight his musical ideas.
His latest programme immerses us again in his world of images connected with ancient Greek heroes, Japanese poetry, a “musical kaleidoscope”, his deep veneration for the Universe and tribute to the old masters.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 16’32’’
    [2] Lucioles (Fireflies) 10’27’’
    [3] Seven Bagatelles 10’34’’
    [4] The Birds of the Stymphalian Lake 9’50’’
    [5] Celestial Mechanics (Symphony No. 2) 20’51’’
    DDD: 68’14’’

  • Participating

    Alexis Galpérine, Ensemble 2E2M, Pierre Roullier, Rozalina Kassabova, Rossen Idealov, Tatyana Karparova,Fuminori Tanada, Nathalie Forget, Pierre Cussac
    Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

    Ivan Stoyanov, conductor

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