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Celestial Mechanics · Yassen Vodenitcharov

Introducing the latest work from renowned contemporary Bulgarian composer Yassen Vodenitcharov, Celestial Mechanics is a captivating exploration of his unique musical vision. With a distinct fondness for blending various instruments and vocal styles, Vodenitcharov's compositions are a masterful display of his innovative approach to music. This new programme invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of ancient Greek heroes, Japanese poetry, and a captivating "musical kaleidoscope", all while paying homage to the vast expanse of the Universe and the great masters of the past. Experience the brilliance of Yassen Vodenitcharov's Celestial Mechanics and delve into a musical journey unlike any other.
His compositional style focuses on programme music, making use of sound groupings and an avant-garde musical language. Yassen Vodenitcharov has a marked preference for interesting combinations of instruments and voices that highlight his musical ideas.
His latest programme immerses us again in his world of images connected with ancient Greek heroes, Japanese poetry, a “musical kaleidoscope”, his deep veneration for the Universe and tribute to the old masters.

Celestial Mechanics · Yassen Vodenitcharov


[1] Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 16’32’’
[2] Lucioles (Fireflies) 10’27’’
[3] Seven Bagatelles 10’34’’
[4] The Birds of the Stymphalian Lake 9’50’’
[5] Celestial Mechanics (Symphony No. 2) 20’51’’
DDD: 68’14’’

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