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Discover the mesmerizing compositions of Yassen Vodenitcharov with Magic Pieces, a captivating CD that showcases the best contemporary Bulgarian composer's innovative and unique style. This collection of works adheres to the composer’s program trend, combining sound and image in a way that is both original and thought-provoking. Drawing inspiration from various arts including cinema, literature, and painting, Vodenitcharov's compositions are a true reflection of his creative and unconventional approach. The Pagan Pieces cycle, for example, was inspired by Fellini’s film Satyricon, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful and evocative musical experience. The Silver Drops was inspired by liturgical chants, and the inspiration for Kinetic Composition comes from the works of the Venezuelan artist Jesus Soto. The Butterfly Metamorphosis presents a ancient instrument – the viola da gamba, with its quite rich and specific timbre, and Five Magic Pieces are reminiscent of some archaic cultures, languages and magical rites.

Indulge in the magic of Yassen Vodenitcharov's compositions and elevate your music collection to new heights with Magic Pieces.

Magic Pieces · Yassen Vodenitcharov

  • [1] Pagan Pieces (Pieces paiennes) 13:33

    [2] Silver Drops 15:10

    [3] The Butterfly Metamorphosis 10:27

    (Les metamorphoses du papillon)

    I. Dream; II. The First Flight; III. Love Song; IV. Funeral March

    [4] Kinetic Composition 5:35

    Five Magic Pieces

    [5] Magic Piece I 5:42

    [6] Magic Piece II 4:24

    [7] Magic Piece III 5:03

    [8] Magic Piece IV 4:34

    [9] Magic Piece V 4:39

    DDD 69:07

  •  Ensemble l’Itineraire, Quasar Quartet, Robin Pharo (viola da gamba), Florian Lauridon (violoncello), Nathalie Forget (ondes Martenot), Fuminori Tanada (piano), Pierre-Yves Artaud (octobass flute), Angele Chemin (soprano), Maxime Echardour (percussions), Antoine Alerini (piano), Yassen Vodenitcharov (electronics), French Flute Orchestra

    Conductors: Pascal Rophe, Javier Gonzalez Novales

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