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"Extraordinary finesse of performance", "crystal sound", "refined manner of sound production", "artistic freedom", "stable intonation" - these are only part of the definitions that Bulgarian and foreign critics give to the interpretations of the choir. The Flemish critic Hugo Heugebard exclaims: "… Ms. Spassova's conducting is exciting and masterful … from a little song, she creates a masterpiece…"
Founded in 1980, the Academic Folk Choir gained fame in a relatively short period of time with its high artistic level and highly professional approach to interpretation. The choir has been at the forefront of the "new folklore wave", a phenomenon characterized by folk intonations, asymmetrical rhythms and enrichment of musical folklore with contemporary expressive means. The achievements of the choir are due mainly to its conductor professor Vassilka Spassova and her assistants. Mrs. Spassova is respected both as a conductor and lecturer. Her lectures on the problems of Bulgarian choral art and arrangement of folk songs have evoked great interest in a number of prestigious music institutions and universities in Poland, the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. Many works have been written especially for the choir. A part of them are included in the present release: Mehmetyo, My Love by Ivan Spassov, Pilentse pee by Krassimir Kyurkchiyski, The Sun Sets by Nikolai Stoikov, Listni se goro by Stefan Moutafchiev, and many others, a real example of great professionalism.


  • Track Listing

    [1] Mehmetyo, My Love - music: Ivan Spassov 7'12"

    [2] Ivan Told Kalinka - music: Assen Diamandiev 1'29"

    [3] Last Night I Went out, Mother - music: Anastas Naumov 4'32"

    [4] Elena Has Left Me - music: Anastas Naumov 2'56"

    [5] Three Nightingales Are Singing - music: Peter Krumov 3'53"

    [6] Yanka's Brother - music: Krassimir Kyurkchiyski 3'20"

    [7] A Birdie Is Singing - music: Krassimir Kyurkchiyski 2'39"

    [8] The Sun Sets - music: Nikolai Stoykov 3'45"

    [9] The Little Maiden Sweeps the Yard - music: Nikolai Stoykov 2'37"

    Two Pastorales- music: Nikolai Stoykov (conducted by Svetla Stanilova)

    [10] - Winter Pastorale 3'35"

    [11] - Summer Pastorale 3'55"

    [12] Song-improvisation - music: Milcho Vassilev 5'03"

    [13] The Forest Is Putting forth Leaves - music: Stefan Moutafchiev 4'52"

    [14] Marinka, My Daughter - music: Ivan Spassov 4'38"

    [15] Rada Ran away - music: Ivan Spassov 2'56"

    [16] Pretty Mavruda - music: Ivan Spassov 6'56"

    (conducted by Svetla Stanilova)

    Total: 64'18"

  • Participating

    AFC of the Plovdiv Academy of Music and Dance Arts
    Vassilka Spassova, chief conductor
    Kostadin Bouradjiev, conductor
    Hristina Vuleva and Radka Stefanova, choirmasters
    Soloists: Veselka Stambolieva, Tanya Doseva, Tsonka Dimitrova, Diana Ivanova, Reneta Georgieva, Stoimenka Uchikova, Danka Tsvetkova

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