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In 1967 the first European secondary school of folk arts was established. The idea of its founders was to prepare singers, dancers, and instrument players for the numerous folk ensembles existing in Bulgaria at that time. In the school the children learn folk instruments, vocal art, folk dances and the art of making folk instruments. Today, the former pupils of the “Philip Koutev” Folk School are among the most famous participants in the professional ensembles and respected teachers in the secondary schools of music in Bulgaria and the National Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv. There are also many renowned soloists among them: Binka Dobreva, Elitsa Todorova, Theodosii Spassov – kaval, the gadulka players Tsvetan Tsvetkov and Dimiter Lavchev, Lyubomir Vladimirov – tambura, Ivan Varimezov – gaida, and many others.

The folk choir has existed ever since the foundation of the school; the girls in the choir are selected after a competition. In its long history the choir has sung hundreds of songs from all folk regions in Bulgaria – authentic and arranged songs, or authors’ songs by outstanding composers: Philip Koutev, Anastas Naumov, Krassimir Kyurkchiisky, Stafan Kanev, Kosta Kolev, Nikolai Kaufmann … Many of the songs were composed especially for the choir. The choir has given a lot of concerts in Bulgaria, Italy, France, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Holland, the USA. Of special interest is its participation in the project of DJ Tiësto – “Tiësto in concert” in 2004 in Holland.

The Folk Choir of the “Philip Koutev” National School of Folk Arts conducted by Katya Barulova has also made numerous recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and TV programmes.

The present recordings have been specially made for the album “At Daybreak”. The girls demonstrate a wonderful mastership of the style differences of various folk regions in Bulgaria and perform with great ease even the most difficult choir scores. This is a real achievement of the choir’s conductor Katya Barulova.


Recorded by “Folk Factory – Ivan Kovatchev”


  • Track Listing

    [1] Chereshchitsa rod rodila - music Philip Koutev 2'01''

    (lyrics Maria Kouteva )

    [2] Mando le - music Anastas Naoumov

    soloists Dessislava Petrova and Valentina Yovcheva 5'28''

    [3] Kafal sviri - music Peter Lyondev 2'05''

    [4] Dva konya - music Nikolai Kaufmann 1'30''

    [5] Ne burzai, sluntcho - music Stefan Kanev 3'20''

    (lyrics Nikolai Kaufmann)

    [6] Sednalo e Gyore dos - music Stefan Mutafchiev 1'46''

    [7] Dreme mi se, lega mi se - arr. Kosta Kolev 2'24''

    [8] San mi krade cherni ochi - music Anastas Naumov 5'04''

    soloist Gergana Dimitrova

    [9] Veliko, Veliko - arr. Stefan Kanev 1'23''

    perf. by a vocal octet

    [10] Neranza - music Ivan Valev 1'49''

    perf. by a vocal octet

    [11] Tebe poem - music Dobri Hristov 1'54''

    [12] Tunes from infinity * * * 10'17''

    [13] More, zazheni se Gyuro - music Krassimir Kyurkchiisky 1'20''

    [14] Yunache karat vorzano - music Dimiter Lavchev 2'36''

    [15] Na Kitina cheshma - arr. Nikolai Kaufmann 3'04''

    [16] A fresco - music and lyrics Tasho Barulov 3'35''

    [17] An affectionate song to Sonya - arr. Tasho Barulov 2'01''

    (dedicated to the folk singer Sonya Kancheva)

    [18] Song at Daybreak - music Tasho Barulov 5'37''

    soloist Hristina Panayotova

    [19] Lyube, Lyube - arr. Tasho Barulov 1'28''

    DDD 58'50''

  • Participating

    Folk Choir of the “Philip Koutev” National School of Folk Arts, Kotel
    Katya Barulova, conductor
    Soloists: Dessislava Petrova, Valentina Yovcheva, Gergana Dimitrova,Hristina Panayotova, vocal octet

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