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The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir

Enter into a world of captivating melodies and ancient traditions with The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir. Experience the enchanting and ethereal sounds of This renowned ensemble as they beautifully capture the essence of Bulgarian folk music. Under the masterful direction of Dora Hristova, the choir brings to life the timeless tradition of Christmas and St. Lazar's Day customs through their hauntingly beautiful renditions of the best Bulgarian folk songs. With their unparalleled vocal harmonies and captivating melodies, The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices Choir


[1] First Song on the Road 1'26''

[2] Second Song on the Road 1'17''

[3] We Sing a Song for You - for the old host 0'47''

[4] Cheers - for the old hostess 1'57''

[5] Cheers to You, Master of the House - for the young hostess 1'40''

[6] Beautiful Milka - for a little girl 4'25''

[7] We Sing a Song for You - for a shepherd 3'29''

[8] A Girl Bragged - for an unmarried young woman 1'42''

[9] A Mighty Boy Is Saddling His Horse - for a little boy 1'58''

[10] Turbid Waters Were Flowing - for an unmarried young man 3'30''

[11] Song on Going Out of the House 2'11''

[12] Oh, Lazar - on the road 1'48''

[13] Lazarski Bouenets - on entering the house 2'01''

[14] Lazar Is Coming, Lazar Is Roaming About - for the old hostess 1'41''

[15] There's a Willow, There's no Willow - for a young bride 1'28''

[16] Lazarska Song for the Bride - for the young hostess 1'54''

[17] Lazarki - for a young girl 1'46''

[18] Beautiful Girl - for an unmarried young woman) 2'10''

[19] Young Girls Lazaritsi - for a young lad 1'39''

[20] Well, Aren't We Dancing - for a young lad 1'24''

[21] Strapping Nikola, Mother's Only Son - for an unmarried young man 2'21''

[22] Lament for Lazar 2'20''

DDD 46'14''

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