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Antonín Dvořák Slavonic Dances

The Piano Duo Desislava Shtereva & Evgenia Simeonova bring to life the original Slavonic Dances by Antonín Dvořák with their brilliant performance. Their interpretation of this timeless masterpiece captures all of the emotion and energy of the original score and brings out the full potentiality of the piano timbral colour. The CD is sure to captivate music lovers everywhere with the duo's amazing invention concerning the 'playing of four hands', full of inventive motifs, tonal solutions, and harmonious tones.


Founded 25 years ago, Piano Duo Desislava Shtereva & Evgenia Simeonova continuously expands and enriches its repertoire. A great part of it is new, not so popular and has been performed at many prestigious halls, concerts and festivals.

In 2022, the duo was awarded the "Crystal Lyre", which is a prestigious award for high artistic achievements recognised by the Union of Music and Dance Artists in Bulgaria.

Antonín Dvořák · Slavonic Dances


Opus 46
No. 1 in C Major (Presto) 4:04
No. 2 in E Minor (Allegretto scherzando) 5:28
No.  3 in D Major (Allegretto scherzando) 4:48
No. 4 in F Major (Tempo di Menuetto) 5:52
No. 5 in A Major (Allegro vivace) 3:21
No. 6 in A Flat Major (Poco allegro. Piu mosso) 4:27
No. 7 in C Minor (Allegro assai) 3:19
No. 8 in G Minor (Presto) 4:04

Opus 72
 No. 1 in B Major (Molto vivace) 4:12
No. 2 in E Minor (Allegretto grazioso) 5:06
No. 3 in F Major (Allegro) 3:09
No. 4 in D Flat Major (Allegretto grazioso) 4:25
No. 5 in B Flat Minor  (Poco adagio. Vivace) 2:36
No. 6 in B Flat Major (Moderato, quasi Menuetto) 3:50
No. 7 in C Major (Presto) 3:23
No. 8 in A Flat Major (Lento grazioso, quasi tempo di Valse) 5:33

Total: 67:29

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